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Who Is YouTuber Optimus? Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Career

Optimus is a YouTube video maker and social media personality best known for his self titled channel. He gained popularity for his humorous skits, vlogs, and challenges that often feature his friends and family. With 1.2 million subscribers billions of views and his content has become a favorite among viewers of all ages.

Optimus Age

Optimus’ exact date of birth is not known. He is probably in his 20s. He holds American nationality. In 2012, he made his YouTube debut with the video, “The Best NERF Guns.”

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Optimus?

With over 3.5 million views, his “The Day That Minecraft Died” video became viral. Optimus uploaded a video to YouTube discussing the sensational Momo challenge. He posted a video where he rants about how many advertising are in mobile games.


He also highlighted another issue that often goes unnoticed – the overwhelming number of advertisements that bombard players while they enjoy mobile games.

He emphasized the need for game creators to strike a balance between providing entertaining experiences and bombarding users with excessive advertising, ultimately calling for a more user-friendly approach to mobile gaming.

optimus (1)

Optimus Is A Fictional Robot

Optimus Prime is a fictional robot superhero and the main protagonist of the Transformers film series. He is the last Prime and the leader of the Autobots, as well as the brother of Decepticon leader Megatron. “Orion Pax” is another name for him. When he is brought under Quintessa’s control, he is given the name Nemesis Prime.

What Is The Net Worth Of Optimus?

Optimus’ net worth is estimated to be $1.3 million – $2 million. He has made videos about Pokimane and SSSniperWolf.

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