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Orpheus Pledger Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Age, Career, Facts

Orpheus Pledger is an Australian actor. He played Tycho Everson in the children’s program Silversun and Noah Parkin in Neighbors in 2011. From 2016 to 2019, Pledger starred as Mason Morgan in Home and Away, an Australian soap opera. She was born on May 11, 1993, in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2002, Pledger was eight years old when he starred in writer-director Emma Freeman’s short film Lamb. Explore more about Orpheus Pledger‘s wiki, bio, age, height, weight, net worth, career and a lot more facts about her.

Orpheus Pledger Girlfriend

Orpheus Pledger is single and not dating anyone at these moments. He is focused on his career.

Orpheus Pledger Career Explored

In 2003, Pledger made his debut as Lewis Harfield in the drama series CrashBurn. In 2004, Pledger played Tycho Everson in the science fiction children’s series Silversun.

Pledger has also appeared in The Secret Life of Us, Welcher & Welcher , Scooter: Secret Agent , and Nick Giannopoulos’ feature The Wannabes.

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In 2011, Pledger was cast as student Noah Parkin in Neighbours. His agent informed him of the part and requested that he read through Noah’s character descriptions. After deciding he wanted the part, Pledger went to a screen test with the Neighbours casting director.

Pledger was offered the position and signed a six-month contract. In 2014, Pledger starred in the Nine Network television film Schapelle, based on Schapelle Corby’s story.

Orpheus Pledger Net Worth

On 5 December 2015, The Daily Telegraph’s Jonathon Moran wrote that Pledger had been cast as Mason Morgan in Home and Away.

For filming, he relocated from Melbourne to Sydney. He departed the show in 2019, when his character was murdered off in the season finale on November 27th. Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million, as of 2022.

Orpheus Pledger Facts

In February 2022, Pledger took part in Season 3 of SAS Australia, but he left after only two days.

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After being shown refusing to assist at the camp and receiving criticism from his fellow recruits, Pledger quit during a psychological evaluation with Ant Middleton and Doctor Dan to talk about his “erratic behavior.”

Orpheus Pledger Personal life

Pledger was arrested by police on 19 February 2021 after being charged with having half a gram of Methylamphetamine and 30 Diazepam tablets without a prescription.

He acknowledged the charges at his appearance at Melbourne Magistrates Court on 16 November, which he did not attend, and was placed on a diversion program, which meant he did not have to enter a plea and avoided a criminal record.

The Magistrate also ordered Pledger to be good for the next six months, give $150 to the court fund, take a drug education program, and thank the officer who charged him.

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