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Pedro Albizu Campos Wiki, Biography, Death, Wife

Pedro Albizu Campos is a popular Puerto Rican attorney and politician known for spearheading the Puerto Rican Independence movement and founding the Knights of Columbus. Throughout Puerto Rico he is honored with schools named after him, and in Salinas he has a statue erected in his honor. He was hailed by his followers as a visionary and a great patriot.

Pedro Albizu Campos Death Cause

Pedro Albizu Campos suffered a stroke in prison and was transferred to San Juan’s Presbyterian Hospital under police guard, in 1956. On November 15, 1964, on the brink of death, Pedro Albizu Campos was pardoned by Governor Luis Muñoz Marín. He died on April 21, 1965.

Pedro Albizu Campos Wife

Pedro Albizu Campos was married Dr. Laura Meneses in 1922 and the couple had four children. He met with Rabindranath Tagore to discuss the Indian independence movement and used it as a model.

What Was Albizu Campos Role In World War I?

Albizu Campos volunteered in the United States Infantry at the outbreak of World War I. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserves and sent to the City of Ponce, where he organized the town’s Home Guard.


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More About Albizu Campos

Albizu Campos returned to his studies at Harvard University, where he became interested in the cause of Indian independence and also helped to establish several centers in Boston for Irish independence. Through this work, Albizu Campos met the Irish leader Éamon de Valera and later became a consultant in the drafting of the constitution of the Irish Free State.

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Pedro Albizu Campos FAQs

What was Pedro Albizu Campos’s profession?

Pedro Albizu Campos was an attorney and politician. He was also the leading figure in the Puerto Rican independence movement.

What universities did Pedro Albizu Campos attend?

Pedro Albizu Campos attended Harvard University and Harvard Law School.

How many languages did Pedro Albizu Campos speak?

Pedro Albizu Campos spoke six languages.

What was Pedro Albizu Campos’s ethnicity?

Pedro Albizu Campos was of Puerto Rican and African descent.

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