A new Prison Bae has taken over Twitter as convict blinds with beauty


A new Prison Bae has taken over Twitter when a convict blinds social media users with her beauty..

Remember the original Prison Bae who became an online sensation in 2014? Well, 2021 now brings a new criminal trend that has people willing to post bail and wait for it.

The Prison Bae trend started in 2014 when a police department posted a photo of a convict online.

The criminal in the photograph was considered extremely handsome by many people and the upload soon exploded online.

This viral post is now widely known with viewers referring to the alleged model convict as Prison Bae.

Bae is used as a term of endearment towards loved ones, so it essentially means that Prison Bae is someone you look up to in jail.

Blind convict woman with beauty

Seven years later, social media appears to have won a new Prison Bae in 2021. Only this time, the individual is reported to be a woman.

The Shade Room identified Prison Bae’s wife as viral after posting pictures of herself on Facebook.

These photos then sent swarms of men into a frenzy, with many asking for the details of her cash application to post her bail and wait until the end of her prison sentence.

In the same caption, @theshaderoom stated that men don’t seem to be concerned about their violent past and are instead blinded by their beauty.

Meet the OG Prison Bae

So who was the original Prison Bae?

Jeremy Meeks gained internet fame in 2014 when the Stockton Police Department uploaded his photographic photo to Facebook.

Reports indicate that Jeremy was born on February 7, 1984 in Tacoma, Washington, United States and is now 37 years old.

After racking up tons of views and interaction online, Meeks has dubbed Prison Bae along with The Blue-Eyed Bandit and Jail Bae, according to The Sun.

Upon his release from the Mendota Federal Correctional Institution in March 2016, the person known as Prison Bae began a modeling career.

@jmeeksofficial is now listed as an Artist on Instagram and has earned over 1.6 million followers.


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