Who Is Ricardo Cruciani’s Wife: All About His Death Cause


After being convicted of sexually assaulting patients, Ricardo Cruciani was found dead from hanging himself in a shower on Rikers Island. The New York Daily News reported that he used a piece of fabric to hang himself while standing on a chair. When the incident happened, the officer tasked with watching him had reportedly left their position even though Cruciani was on suicide watch.

According to the Post, based on what was known at that time, the Department of Corrections and Correctional Health Services could not immediately confirm whether he was a member of the general public. Who Is Ricardo Cruciani’s Wife: All About His Death Cause.

Who Is Dr Ricardo Cruciani Wife?

Ricardo Cruciani was married to Dr. Nora Esteban-Cruciani, MD, a Pediatrics Specialist in Philadelphia, PA. She has over 42 years of medical experience and holds a medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires. In 1980, she completed her medical education at the University of Buenos Aires and started practicing medicine immediately afterward.

According to Health Grades, Philadelphia’s Einstein Medical Center is where Dr. Nora’s charges date back to 2013 when he worked as a doctor at Beth Israel Hospital, which is now Mt. Sinai-Union Square. Despite all of this, his ex-wife stood by him during his entire legal process.

Is Dr Ricardo Cruciani Death Cause Suicide?

On Monday morning, neurosurgeon Ricardo Cruciani committed suicide at Rikers Island two weeks after he was found guilty of sexual misconduct against six patients. The New York Times reported that Dr. Cruciani, who specialized in treating chronic pain, was discovered wearing a sheet in the jail’s shower room. After being treated by medical staff, he passed away about an hour later.

Commissioner Louis Molina of the Department of Corrections for New York City expressed his “great sorrow” at the death of a detainee in custody, according to a statement to The New York Times. “We will conduct a preliminary internal review to figure out what happened,” he added. We offer our condolences and kind thoughts to his loved ones.

Ricardo Cruciani Net Worth

Ricardo may have had a billion-dollar net worth as a neurologist. His exact wealth and salary are unknown, but a neurosurgeon in Philadelphia makes an average yearly income of $304,912. If you want to know how much money you’d make quickly, it’s about $146.59 per hour. This equals $5,863 every week or $25,409 per month when you divide it by seven days and three months.


Michael Blaser wasn’t so fortunate- his $1 million bail was canceled by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michele Rodney and he was remanded to custody until September 14.

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Ricardo Cruciani Wiki

Cruciani’s Wiki page reveals that he spent over three decades in the medical industry, with positions such as Drexel University’s neurology department chairman and a connection to New Jersey-based Capital Institute for Neurosciences. His death occurred before his scheduled federal trial the next year.

According to the Law & Crime, Cruciani was indicted on five counts of enticing and encouraging individuals to travel and engage in criminal sexual behavior in that case. Each count has a maximum sentence of 20 years. He also obtained unlawful prescriptions for OxyContin and Percocet, which he misused while victimizing his female patients between 2002 and 2017.

According to the news source, he “induced, lured, and compelled certain victims to travel across state borders to subject them or attempt to subject them to criminal sexual abuse,” according on the authorities.

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