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Rikkie Leigh Robertson Wiki, Biography, Husband, Measurements, Net Worth, Facts

Do you want to learn more about Rikkie Leigh Robertson? In 2021, hеight, weight, wife, biography, and completet detail about her lifewere investigated. Rikkie Leigh Robertson is a 31-year-old Australian Instagram fitness model and writer. She was born on April 7, 1991 in Australia. Her birthday is April 7th. how old get whole information here.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson is a model by trade who is known and well-liked as the ex-wife of A.B. Quintanilla III.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson Biography, Wiki

Rikkie Leigh Robertson, who was born on March 14, 1988, in Corpus Christi, Texas, is a model from The Blanco Agency. Her date of birth is March 14, 1988, and her place of birth is Corpus Christi, Texas. She’s British-Scottish. There’s no information about her educational background; she went to school or college. Ms Rikkie Leigh Robertson is a model who works for The Blanco Agency.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson Husband

She has been in a relationship with someone named David Gonzales, A.B. Quintanilla III and she is currently married. She was previously wed to A.B. Quintanilla III After a lengthy time of partnership, they divorced. Her ex-husband, American record producer, songwriter and musician A.B. Quintanilla, is an expert in the field of music composition and recording production.. On November 4th, 2011, Rikkie Leigh Robertson married A.B. Quintanilla at Lake Tahoe Resort & Casino in Nevada State Park Presidential Villa Gambling Hall & Hotel (Lake). Following a performance on July 5th 2016, it was announced that Quintana had filed for divorce from his wife.

She then married David Gonzales, a professional photographer. A photographer by trade, Rikkie Leigh Robertson is the third spouse of A.B. Quintanilla III. Evangelina “Vangie” Almeida was the first wife of A.B. Quintanilla III, who got married in 1988 and have two children Svani and Gianni (Almeida).Her spouse A.B. Quintanilla III and his first wife divorced after they married. Her spouse A.B. Quintanilla III remarried actress Heather Grein in 2002. Before the couple split up, they had two boys together. Her spouse A.B. Quintanilla III wed Anjelah Quintanilla in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 16th 2019 .

Rikkie Leigh Robertson, on the other hand, has moved on and married her spouse David Gonzales. Rikkie Leigh Roberston and David Gonzales began dating as pals in the year 2018 and got engaged in July 2020. On February 23, 2021, Rikkie announced her engagement to David Gonzales, and they married a month later on March 22nd.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson Agе, Hеight, Wеight & Measurements

According to your perceptions, Rikkie Leigh Robertson is either two or three years old – We won’t worry about her age in 2021; we’ll inform you as soon as possible.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson is a striking woman with a wonderful personality. Her birth date is March 14, 1998, and she is 33 years old. She stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 69 kgs. Rikkie Leigh Robertson is a challenging individual to forget. Her hair is Brunette and her eyes are Brown.

How much is Rikkie Leigh Robertson Net Worth?

Rikkie Leigh Robertson is a well-known American supermodel. Her fans are usually the ones to talk about her Net Worth and Salary. We don’t know Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s salary.

She has a decent income from her profession. Rikkie Leigh Robertson is an American model with a net worth of $5 million as a result of her job/career. She is regarded as one of the well-paid personalities in the world, having already gained a significant number of followers on social media sites such as Instagram and Rikkie Leigh Robertson maintains an active social media presence. She is a well-known American model who has established herself and is extremely successful at what she does, with a lot of money and an amazing Net Worth.

Some Facts about Rikkie Leigh Robertson

Rikkie Leigh Robertson is a gorgeous American model who has gained fame for her work. If you’re unfamiliar with Rikkie Leigh Robertson, seeing photographs of her is beneficial.

You can discover more about Her on Google Plus or Wikipedia. Here are the information on Her Wikipedia and life story.

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