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Who Is Robyn Bassani? Ohio State Massage Therapist Name And Instagram Revealed

The Ohio massage therapist, Robyn Bassani got her license canceled after a scandal. Recently, an Ohio massage therapist has caused a scandal that led to several investigations regarding NCAA violence or other related crimes.

After several investigations, the scandal has been made clear, and related steps regarding the matter have been taken by the legal authorities as well as the woman herself.

Who Is Robyn Bassani? Ohio State Massage Therapist Name Revealed

The name is the Ohio state massage therapist is Robyn Bassani. She is the one who is responsible for the scandal to happen.

Robyn is a 41-year-old former massage therapist who was famous in Ohio for her massages.

However, after the revelation of her sex scandal, there have been several controversies regarding this matter.

Robyn Bassani Scandal

Robyn Bassani led to the sex scandal that also included severe football players.

It was found that Robyn used to deal sexually with many football players while she used to massage them.

When most of the football players in Ohio were asked about this, the majority of them did not know about her.

And, a few used to take massages with her, and a very few were sexually involved.

Investigations started for identifying if there was an NCAA violation or crime in this event.

But it was found that all these were her self-pleasure activities where she had consensual intercourse with football payers.

For avoiding any further worthless investigations, Robyn decided on leaving her massage license and she got free.

Robyn Bassani Instagram And Reddit

There is no information yet regarding the Ohio Massage therapist scandal or Robyn Bassani in particular, on Reddit or Instagram.

Also, the therapist is not on Instagram as well. Since she is not a renowned personality, extracting her official accounts is not quite possible.

However, there is a lot of information regarding this matter on Twitter.

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