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Roisin Waters: Daughter of Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor

Roisin Waters made a rare public appearance with her mother when the two performed a duet on Icelandic TV, in 2014. She is best known as the only daughter of Sinéad O’Connor who was known for ‘The Lion and the Cobra’, was released in 1987 and achieved international chart success.

Roisin Waters’ age

Roisin Waters age is 28 years old, in 2023. She was born in 1995, as per People.

Roisin Waters’ mother Sinéad four times

Roisin Waters was born to Sinéad O’Connor and journalist John Waters. After her birth, O’Connor and Waters went through a lengthy custody battle; after O’Connor attempted suicide, she gave custody of Roisin to Waters, as MTV News reported in 1999.

roisin-waters (2)

In 2021, despite having a “great singing voice”, she was relieved her daughter decided to be a pastry chef instead of going into the music industry. As a mother, she wanted nothing more than to see her daughter happy and fulfilled

Sinéad O’Connor further added,

“I used to be frightened of her getting into the music business because I thought they would treat her like they treat me. I didn’t want that.”

Sinéad O’Connor has married four times

Sinéad O’Connor first tied knot with John Reynolds, in 1989 and they separated in 1991. Then, she tied knot with Nick Sommerlad, in 2001 and later divorced in 2003 after two years of marriage. She married for the third time with Steve Cooney in 2010. After a year of marriage, they ended up in divorce in 2011.

Her fourth marriage is with Barry Herridge. Soon the year, Sinéad took divorce from Steve, she got married with Barry Herridge.

roisin-waters (1)

On February 10, 1985, at the age of 18, O’Connor’s mother, then 45, passed away in an automobile accident after she lost control of her vehicle on an icy Ballybrack road and collided with a bus. In June 1993, O’Connor wrote a public letter in The Irish Times in which she asked people to “stop hurting” her:

“If only I can fight off the voices of my parents / and gather a sense of self-esteem / Then I’ll be able to REALLY sing …” The letter repeated accusations of abuse by her parents as a child which O’Connor had made in interviews. Her brother Joseph defended their father to the newspaper but agreed regarding their mother’s extreme and violent abuse, both emotional and physical. Our family is very messed up. We can’t communicate with each other. We are all in agony. I for one am in agony.”

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