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Ruby Guest’s journey of coming out as trans, Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter

Ruby Guest is the daughter of comedy director Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis who had a family dinner in their Los Angeles backyard last year. She had something to tell them. She was going to come out as trans. But she wasn’t able to. She came out as transgender in 2020. She said in an interview with People,

“I’m a grateful student. It’s learning new terminology and words. It was scary — just the sheer fact of telling them something about me they didn’t know. It was intimidating — but I wasn’t worried. They had been so accepting of me my entire life.”

Ruby’s identity is accepted by her parents

As her parents came to know, Ruby is a trans. They realized that supporting in her journey is the most loving and accepting thing they could do as parents.

ruby-guest-jamie-lee-curtis (1)

They recognized that her gender identity was an unchangeable part of who she truly is and that denying or rejecting it would only cause her pain. Ruby Guest was adopted in 1996 by her parents because after marrying Christopher in 1984, Jamie Lee Curtis faced infertility problems. She also has a sister, Annie who was adopted in 1986.

Ruby married their fiancée Kynthia

Ruby married Kynthia on May 29, 2022. The family’s backyard hosted a World of Warcraft-themed wedding. All visitors wore World of Warcraft costumes. Jamie Lee dressed as Jaina Proudmoore, a game admiral, and proudly uploaded a photo with the duo on Instagram.

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Who is Ruby Guest’s mother?

Ruby Guest’s mother, Jamie Lee Curtis touched on a wide range of topics during her recent Morning Joe appearance. She was the most excited speaking about her daughter Ruby, who is transgender. Curtis said,

“This life is about love. Being a parent is about love, and I love Ruby. Love her. You’re so great to accept her love.’ What are you talking about? This is my daughter, this human being has come to me and said, ‘This is who I am.’ And my job is to say, ‘Welcome home.’ I will fight and defend her right to exist to anyone who claims that she doesn’t.”

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