Suzanne Sevakis Mother: Sandra Chipman


Sandra was born and raised in Michigan, where she met and married her husband, Cliff Sevakis. Sandra’s mother is from Lansing, which is close to Chicago. However, for the time being, her location is a mystery. Furthermore, Sandra Brandenburg was named Sandra on her daughter Suzanne’s birth certificate. Suzanne Sevakis Mother: Sandra Chipman.

Where Is Sandra Chipman Today?

Her place of origin was Livonia in Michigan on her daughter Suzanne’s birth certificate. In the film, she made an appearance and granted an interview, but it is still difficult to track her down. Chipman married Cliff before divorcing him again. She remarried Dennis Brandenburg and subsequently divorced him.

Brandon Williams changed her name to Sandra Floyd in 1980. She met Franklin Floyd, who she went by Brandon Williams at the time, in 1972 when she was a teenage mother fleeing from a hurricane disaster. As a result, she surrendered her children to the authorities. Floyd subsequently proposed marriage to her, but his cruel temperament soon became evident. Sandra spent thirty days in jail after writing a bad check to 7-11 in 1975 and Floyd took off with her kids.

Suzanne Sevakis Father Cliff Sevakis Details

Suzanne’s father, Cliff, is a marketing and corporate communications expert who runs Cliff Sevakis Marketing. Advertising, and Corporate Communications. He went to Oakland University for his bachelor’s degree in journalism, followed by Michigan State University for his master’s in public relations.

When Sandra was ten years old, she and Suzanne ended their friendship as they had been dating since high school. Afterward, he wed Jan Sevakis and resides in Bellevue, Washington, with their children Robin and Justin Sevakis.

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Meet Megan Dufresne: Suzanne Sevakis Daughter

Suzanne’s daughter, Megan, is 27 years old. He was born in 1989, the year his mother Warren Marshall moved to Texas with her employer. They went to an attorney’s office six weeks before Suzanne was born because they were financially unable to care for both Floyd and Suzanne’s second child, Floyd.

She discovered that her birth mother died in a vehicle accident after asking about her biological father. It was not until Matt Birkbeck’s book A Beautiful Child hit the stands in 2004 that she learned her mother had perished in a car accident. Furthermore, she learnt additional information regarding her birth mother throughout the book.

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