Who Is Tanya Kellock? Viral Video Explained In 2022


Tanya Kellock viral video created a big controversy in the year 2017. What happened to her? Here are the details. Tanya Kellock went viral on social media in the year 2017. She was trending in the year for a very controversial video that was published on Instagram.

This was a big thing a couple of years ago in the UK, but people are assuming her story is real. Read further to know the actual story behind the incident.

Who Is Tanya Kellock Aka Tanya Kellux? Reddit

Tanya Kellock aka Tanya Kellux is a teenager and a social media user.

She got viral in the year 2017 after a video of her surfaced on Twitter and Reddit. The video was posted and obviously taken down. Tanya Kellock was 12 years of age at the time when her video went trending. She must be 16 or 17 years as of 2021.

Nevertheless, we are unaware of her actual age, birthday, and her current situation. She is not on Reddit, however, her Twitter account still seems to be active. The profile is under the handle name @tanyakellock.Her very last tweet is dated December 5, 2017. In the tweet, she talks about her viral incident. Additionally, she has apologized for her mistake.

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Tanya Kellock Video Went Viral On Instagram

Tanya Kellock was an active Instagram user until 2017. However, now she is banned because of illegal content. In the year, a video of Tanya Kellock was published on Instagram. According to Redditors, the video was offensive. In the video, she was sexually exploiting her 6-year-old brother.

The clip made a quiet buzz on Twitter and Instagram. The video was posted and then obviously taken down. Eventually, Kellock herself claimed that she did it as a joke. She even said that she asked her brother to film the video.

Many stories have gone around the web. Some even believe that she was forced by her own parents or a pedophile. Since then, hundreds of fake profiles have appeared all over reposting the video and spreading lies about the incident claiming it was child abuse. It is also unknown what is true, but regardless it’s a horrible thing to do.

From Tanya Kellock’s Twitter bio, we found out that, her Instagram account then was under the user name @tanyakellock7. Moreover, Tanya also deleted all of her old posts from social media platforms.

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Who Are Tanya Kellock Parents?

Tanya Kellock’s parents are suspected of filming the sickening child sex abuse video.

However, no details about them could be discovered on the web as of lately.


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