What Happened in Tyler Henry’s Grandmother’s Stella: Murder Case Explored


On March 11, 2022, Netflix released Life After Death, a new program with Tyler Henry. One of the world’s most talented and renowned clairvoyants is Tyler. He is demonstrating his psychic talents on a Netflix series entitled Life After Death With Tyler Henry.

The Wire is more than just happy feelings and cold readings, as there’s also a reality crime case to be solved. Read down the sections of this essay to discover more about this headline by scrolling down the screen. What Happened in Tyler Henry’s Grandmother’s Stella: Murder Case Explored.

What Happened in Tyler Henry’s Grandmother’s Stella?

We discovered at the conclusion of the series that Theresa, Tyler’s mother, has spent the previous several years uncovering her family’s history. Theresa determined that the woman who was supposed to be her real mother was not in fact her biological mother.

Finally, she discovered that she was not a member of the family in which she had grown up, offering Theresa’s mother some comfort. Continue reading to learn more about it.

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Tyler Henry’s Grandmother’s Stella Murder Case

The killer who had been incarcerated for 30 years was the grandmother of Tyler Henry, according to authorities. Theresa began looking for her biological parents after learning about his grandmother.

Stella was Tyler Henry’s grandmother in the show, and she left her real children in California for approximately two years, leaving Felicia and Peter.

She spent some time in Louisiana before swiping Therese from an hospital and forging her birth certificate. Stella then introduced Theresa to Peter and Felicia as their sister.

Stella lured her children into a number of frauds, and she also murdered Judy Wang, the boyfriend of Wai Lee, using them as accomplices.

Stella buried two bodies in a shallow grave with the help of her 18-year-old son Peter. Her ex-boyfriend, Peter, eventually discovered that her mother murdered Lee and Wang to acquire control of the Fowler Motel.

Stella took over the Fowler Hotel after Wang sent her on a vacation with her beau Lee to Taiwan.

The in charge role of the motel when Wang was away traveling with her lover Lee to Taiwan. In this episode, we will look at how these events have impacted characters’ lives later in life.

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