Who Is Bailey Ivory-Rose Bellamy?


Daughter of American actor Bill Bellamy, Bailey Ivory-Rose Bellamy, now 18 years old, is a model and actress. Bailey Ivory-Rose Bellamy is the daughter of comedian and actor Bill Bellamy. On April 7th 1965, in Newark, New Jersey, USA, she was born to Edna and Willam Bellamy.

Bill Bellamy, father of Rachel Bailey, was also a student at Seton High Preparatory School and Rutgers University. Bill Bellamy is 6 feet 3.9 inches tall and weighs 88 kg. He is 56 years old now. The American actor married Kristen Baker Bellamy and has two children: Bailey Ivory-Rose Bellamy and a son Baron Bellamy.

Bailey Bellamy Wiki, Age & Family

Bailey Bellamy was born in 2003. She will celebrate her birthday on August 4th. She is now 18 years old. Kristen Baker Bellamy was Bailey’s mother and Bill Bellamy her father.

Baron Bellamy, the couple’s first child, was born July 6th, 2006 and is now 15 years old. Her grandparents are Edna Bellami and William Bellami.

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Meet Bailey Bellamy on Instagram

Bailey is a teenager with extensive social media presence. She has an Instagram account but it has only 1.5k followers because it is private. You may follow her on @baileyivoryrose to view her beautiful photos.

On Instagram, the Balley family is active both together and separately. They post on a regular basis. Bill has a large following among her father’s fans. She has 1.2 million followers while her mother, Kristen, has 23.8k. Her brother has 1k followers as well.

You can track them down on social networking to keep up with what they’re doing. Bill, Kristen, and Baron all have active Twitter accounts; you may follow them to stay informed of their activities. Bill Bellamy also has a substantial following on Twitter: 302.2k followers.

Is Bailey Ivory-Rose Bellamy Dating?

Bailey Bellamy has no significant romantic entanglements. She is unattached currently and there are no details regarding her partner. She must be waiting for her ideal guy, according to rumors.

As soon as she meets her prince charming, she will let the people know about him. Bailey is a wealthy girl who leads an extravagant existence. Her father is thought to possess a net worth of $10 million.

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