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Akbar Shamji Wife Daniela Karnuts Wiki and Age

Daniela Karnuts is married to Akbar Shamji, a successful businessman. She is the creative director of Safiyaa, a fashion brand known for its refined and classy designs that have gained recognition globally. Karnuts has also become influential by styling famous celebrities.

Daniela Karnuts Wiki and Age

Daniela Karnuts exact birth details are unknown. She was born and raised in Munich, Germany, where she studied Economics at LMU Munich. After completing her diploma, she decided to pursue her passion for media and cultural history and enrolled in the University of the Arts London. There, she earned a BA degree in Media and Cultural History.

After her studies, Daniela held important positions in the fashion industry. From December 2007 to March 2009, she worked as the Creative Director at Media Rocks Group. Following that, she served as the Marketing Director at Fashion TV from January 2005 to November 2007. She founded Safiyaa in 2011.

Safiyaa is a brand that focuses on making women feel empowered and confident. The owner and creative director, Karnuts, has a strong vision for the company and strives to showcase the beauty and strength of women through their sophisticated and innovative designs. With her dedication, Safiyaa is constantly making waves in the fashion industry.

Daniela Karnuts Husband and Children


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Daniela Karnuts is married to a successful businessman named Akbar Shamji. They have two children, a son, and a daughter, but their names are kept private for security reasons. Recently, Akbar Shamji has been caught up in a high-profile case related to the mysterious death of Zac Brettler.

In 2019, a tragic incident occurred in London where a young teenager named Zac Brettler tragically fell to his death from a fancy building located near the Thames River. This unfortunate event led to the identification of Zac’s body two days later, and as a result, two individuals named Dave Sharma and Akbar Shamji were apprehended and taken in for interrogation by the authorities on December 5th of the same year.

Who is Akbar Shamji?

Akbar Shamji moved to London with his family in 1972 when he was less than a year old.. Abdul, his father, was from an Indian family in Uganda, where he ran a successful business called Gomba. Akbar graduated from Cambridge University in 1993 and went straight into business.

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