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Alex Stokes Wiki, Biography, Trivia, Family Life, Facts

With his twin brother Alan Stokes, he is a social media influencer who has over 10 million YouTube subscribers. Their Stokes Twins YouTube channel has over 10 million followers. He also maintains a personal Instagram account called imalexstokes that includes selfies and photographs of himself; the account has over 4.9 million followers. With web celebrity Brent Rivera, he and his brother established a business collaboration.

Who Is Alex Stokes?

Sheeba was an Alaskan Malamute dog that Jim and Alan had as children.

Alex Stokes Trivia

He and Alan became affiliated with web group Sunset Park.

Alex Stokes Family Life

He was born in China and later moved to Tennessee. He is now based in California. His brother Alan is older by a little under 2 minutes. He is half-Chinese.

Alex Stokes Facts

He is a friend of Sunset Park members like Okaymoe and Moe Bradberry.

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