Who Is Amanda Balionis: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth


Amanda is a well-known golf broadcast on CBS Sports, not only because she is an expert yoga instructor and pet lover, but also because she has a law degree. Her pleasant personality and professional talks have won her a large following. Amanda’s commitment to reporting is inspiring. We’ve gathered a lot of information about Amanda in this article, from her personal life to her professional career.

Because it aids us in informing the globe about what is going on, the Journalism industry has grown essential in today’s world. As a journalist in public, this profession has introduced new media and new personalities. Amanda Balionis, one of the gorgeous and attractive female sportscasters, is among the many faces. Who Is Amanda Balionis: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth.

Amanda Balionis Wiki, Bio & Age

Amanda Balionis was born on 20th June 1985 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Amanda’s grandparents enjoyed golfing and had their own course. Her parents also played golf. Like many other people, Amanda developed a love for golf as part of her family tradition. She also took lessons at a golf course when she was 8 or 9 years old. She also participated in junior golf events. Her parents relocated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania after the war. In fact, she completed high school in that city.

Amanda Eller attended Manheim Township High School. After high school, Amanda applied to Hofstra University’s Broadcast Journalism program. Balionis completed an internship with CBS2, ABC News Now, the New York Islanders, and the New York Jets while studying Journalism in college.

Amanda Balionis Age, Height, Measurements

Amanda is thirty-six years old and has the sun sign Gemini. People with this sun sign are thought to be fun and intellectually inquisitive, with brilliant, inventive minds at the same time. She has Black-Brown eyes and hair color, in addition to Black-Brown eyes. She is five feet and five inches tall, according to what she says herself. Pat had a slim hourglass figure of 57 kgs. She attributes Yoga to her keeping a healthy body and tranquil mind.

Amanda Balionis Career

Amanda Balionis began her professional career as the lead reporter for WRHU Radio’s The Chronicles Newspaper Team and the Association of Women in Communications. Amanda worked for Lancaster Newspaper after that. Verizon Sports later employed her talents. Balionist used her abilities on MSG Network, just to name a few examples.

She began her career as a commentator for Volleyball America, but she soon went on to be the host of MSG Varsity. In 2011, after working as an insignificant tv position in New York City covering football, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer, she quit her job. Amanda also attended The 2014 Open Championship at Callaway Truck and had a chat with Roger Cleaveland about the golf equipment and the players who visited the truck.

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Amanda Balionis Work With PGA Tour

Then came the PGA Tour, waiting for her. She was an anchor and reporter for them from 2011 to 2016. In addition, The Takeaway, The Good, The Bad, and Flavor of the Tournament were some fascinating PGA Tours episodes. Buy a Mulligan was one of them that was very popular.

Amanda was about to join Callaway Golf when Turner Sports came calling. Turner Sports made its debut with coverage of the PGA Championship. Her performance was outstanding. As a result, CBS Sports picked her for their Golf Team. She does post-match interviews with ease.

Amanda Balionis Work with CBS Sports

In 2017, Balionis began working for CBS. Amanda was a part-time golf reporter who worked in select tournaments. She became a full-time CBS sports reporter in 2018. She also covered college football games for CBS Sports Network and NFL On CBS. In 2017, she played a round of “Speed Golf” at Callaway Golf Headquarters where she discussed her area of expertise and her coworkers.

Amanda Balionis is one of the most fashionable people in golf, according to Sports Illustrated. She also did a photoshoot and had a great time. Furthermore, this photoshoot went outside Amanda’s comfort zone. Additionally, she interviewed Tiger Woods, John Rahm, Paige Spiranac, and Jim Herman among other wonderful golfers.

Amanda Balionis Footgolf with Tim Howard

Amanda Balionis and Tim Howard teamed up to play footgolf before the PGA Championship. They had a lot of fun together.

Amanda Balionis Personal life

Amanda’s parents are very close to each other. Her parents had a terrible accident in 2016. She was overcome with grief as a result of the event. When they recovered, Balionis gathered the confidence to discuss about what occurred to her fans.

One year following the incident, she announced it to the public. Fortunately, her family’s injuries were healed. Unfortunately, her father passed away two years later in 2018. Amanda’s health was badly harmed by the unexpected death of her father. This triggered some mental issues.

Amanda Balionis Mental Struggle

She also had an eating problem as a result of her father’s death. She acquired a few pounds. Amanda was depressed, and it showed in her behavior. Finally, Amanda goes to therapy and doctors in order to recover both physically and mentally. She has no trouble discussing her experience.

Amanda Balionis Boyfriend

Amanda was rather private about her personal life. For years, Amanda would hint at having a boyfriend but never revealed his identity. Finally, she revealed the identity of her mysterious man on an Instagram post. It’s not surprising that it was Bryn Renner. They started dating in early 2020. Amanda thanks him for being understanding about her hectic schedule.

Amanda Balionis Pet lover

Barionis is a caring individual. She adores dogs, as well as other animals. She herself is a dog owner. Her material frequently concerns these cuties. She also volunteers with the K9s for warriors dogs charity organization. For example, she volunteered at the Atlanta Humane Society. She assisted them in gaining greater visibility on her Instagram account by alerting followers to their work.

Amanda Balionis Net Worth

According to the source, Balionis is earning a substantial sum of money from her professional life. She goes on an exotic vacation with her boyfriend and friends, which is rather unusual. She prefers to live a healthy lifestyle, however.

Amanda Balionis Facts

  • Amanda Balionis is also a member of the Facebook group. She has also been seen on the CBS Facebook page frequently.
  • She is active on Instagram. Personal pictures of her are shared, including professional shots, BTS moments with the furries, and snapshots from her daily life.
  • On Twitter, Bobino usually tweets about sports and animal welfare, especially dogs.
  • In Wikipedia, her name is on the list of CBS Sports announcers for the PGA Tour.
  • Her Wikipedia profile is still under construction, however.

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