Who Is Andrea Giambruno, Giorgia Meloni First Gentleman?


Andrea Giambruno, journalist at Mediaset, conductor of Open Studio, and author of television programs such as Fifth Column, Matrix, and Morning 5 e Italy Today is the first First Gentleman.

The circumstances were quite amusing: Meloni takes advantage of a commercial break to quickly eat a banana that he can’t finish before returning to the air, Giambruno tells his point of view “I rush and snatch it from him even with a certain enthusiasm, we miss the Meloni live with a banana. (…) I don’t know, our eyes meet in a strange way, it was a moment “.


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Andrea Giambruno Children

Since then, they have been inseparable. They have a daughter, Geneva, but they are not married. This goes against the views of the Melons. “He is a fantastic father, very present.

He spends a week in Milan every month, but when he is here he usually works at night and during the day he spends a lot of time with Ginevra. We take turns, we help each other, we complement each other,” says Giorgia to Seven.

In the same interview, Giambruno also stated that he tries to keep politics out of their relationship because curiously, according to him, Giambruno claims to vote for the left rather than be a believer and have more progressive sentiments than his partner, in particular with respect to the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and drug legalization.

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