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How Did Archie Jay Lomas Died? Reason Explained Behind Kym Marsh’s son Tragic Death

Archie Jay Lomas was the son of Kym Marsh and Jamie Lomas. He was born on February 11, 2009, and was the couple’s first child together. Archie brought immense joy and happiness into their lives becoming the center of their life. Their son, Archie, was born 18 weeks early on 11 February and died moments after birth.


Archie Jay Lomas Age

Archie Jay Lomas was born in 2009 in Manchester, United Kingdom. He lost his life after few months of birth. His mother Kym told,

“I can totally relate to you. I lost my boy much earlier than you but it’s still really early days for you. June is not that long and it’s not that easy.”

What Is The Death Cause Of Archie Jay Lomas?

Archie Jay Lomas lost his life due to premature birth. He was born 18 weeks early. He died on 11 February 2009, Manchester, United Kingdom. His mother, Kym Marsh explained in interview,


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“My gut instinct was to do it and the reasons for that was since losing Archie, I’ve spoken to so many women and men and families who have gone through similar situations and I just thought, ‘what better way to raise awareness than to do this?

I can’t praise Coronation Street enough, how they looked after us throughout the whole procedure. We had a psychotherapist on set to separate the two things.

We celebrate Archie’s birthday every year, and I mean celebrate. Polly knows who Archie is, we see Polly as a gift from Archie.

It’s always good to raise awareness of baby death. But it’s particularly good to raise awareness of late miscarriage because I don’t think that late miscarriage is very publicly recognised – the impact that late miscarriage has isn’t really publicly recognised as a formed baby.”


Archie Jay Lomas Personal Life

Archie Jay Lomas had two siblings, David Ryan Cunliffe and Emilie Mae Cunliffe. His sister, Polly was born on 23 March 2011. Kym Marsh announced that she would be taking Lomas’ name professionally, on 3 October 2012. Kym and Jamie were separated in 2013 and divorced in 2014. Archie’s grandparents were Pauline Marsh, Helen Webb, David Marsh.

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