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Who Is Aria Ella Thornton, Young Dolph Baby?

Young Dolph, also known as Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., was an American rapper and hip-hop artist who began his career in 2006. Young Dolph was killed today while on his way home from a cookies store in Memphis. Young Dolph was the AllMusic Award winner for the Best Rap & Hip-Hop Album in 2020 with his seventh album, Rich Slave. Young Dolph’s songs include 1 Scale, Major, Foreva, Juicy, You Got It, Penguins, By Mistake, and others.

In their tweets on social media, a number of celebrities and top musicians have confirmed the tragic passing of Young Dolph. Rapper Wiz Khalifa was one of the first to tweet about it, writing: “This is so crazy. RIP Young Dolph.”

Rapper Meek Mill also took to Twitter to share his condolences, writing: “RIP young dolph damn.”

Travis Scott also shared his disbelief at the news of Young Dolph’s death, tweeting: “NO WAY! NOT DOLPH.” Who Is Aria Ella Thornton, Young Dolph Baby?

Young Dolph Sad Death

Fans of the rapper have also taken to social media to mourn his untimely passing. One fan wrote on Twitter: “RIP YOUNG DOLPH. You were an amazing artist and you will be missed.”

Another fan shared a clip of one of Young Dolph’s songs, writing: “Rest in peace to a real one. We love you Dolph.”

Young Dolph’s death is a tragic loss for the hip-hop community. He will be remembered as a talented artist and a true pioneer in the genre.

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Young Dolph Baby: Meet Aria Ella Thornton

Young Dolph and his long-term girlfriend, Mia Jaye, have two children: Tre Tre Thornton and Aria Ella Thornton. Tre is a boy, and Aria is a girl. It’s unclear what happened to Tre or Aria Ella. Some believe they are with their mother, while others think they may have been put up for adoption.

Tre and Aria were both mentioned in Young Dolph’s song, “By Mistake.” In the song, he raps about how he made a mistake by getting a girl pregnant and how he wants to be there for his child but can’t because of the life he leads.

It’s unclear when exactly Tre and Aria were born, but it is believed that they are around six or seven years old. Rest in peace to a real one. We love you Dolph.

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