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Ashlyn Harvey Wiki, Age, Parents and Arrest Details

Ashlyn Harvey who used to work as a substitute teacher in Gunnison, Utah, has gotten into trouble because of allegations of inappropriate behavior with a teenage boy. It happened in her husband’s car, which has caused her some problems.

Ashlyn Harvey Wiki and Age

Ashlyn Harvey is a 34-year-old woman who was born on September 27, 1989 in Utah, United States. She currently lives in Gunnison, Utah. Ashlyn is Caucasian and has parents named Mark and Jodi Henlines. She also has four siblings named Mitch, Drew, Connor, and Carson Henline. Ashlyn went to Gunnison High School for her education and later attended Snow College. She works as a teacher and is currently a Substitute Teacher at Gunnison Valley High School.

Ashlyn Harvey Controversy

Ashlyn Harvey who used to work as a substitute teacher in Gunnison, Utah, has gotten into trouble due to allegations of behaving inappropriately with a teenage boy. It all began innocently on social media but escalated into late-night phone calls and secret meetings, according to law enforcement. Ashlyn was accused of advising the young boy on how to delete call logs and messages to avoid getting caught.

Ashlyn Harvey accepted the friend invitation

There was a young student who was dared by their friends to add their substitute teacher, Ashlyn, on social media. To everyone’s surprise, Ashlyn actually accepted the invitation. They started chatting and sending funny memes to each other for a few months. But then the student realized that the conversation was becoming inappropriate and could get Ashlyn in trouble at the high school where she worked. So, the student decided to confront Ashlyn about it and express their concern.

Ashlyn said she had already intended to quit her job, but she expressed remorse for sending messages to the son of the person who was harmed and promised to stop contacting him. Over time, the content of Ashlyn’s messages became more romantic, eventually persuading the person who was harmed to meet her late at night.

Ashlyn Harvey Arrested By Police

The victim’s situation became increasingly concerning, as the troubling incidents occurred more frequently, especially late at night. They would meet up multiple times a week, with Harvey even using her husband’s car for these encounters.

By July 2023, things had escalated to the point where the victim reported multiple instances of inappropriate touching, estimated to have happened around 10 to 15 times according to the affidavit. The situation took a turn for the worse in October when Harvey allegedly took the teenager to her own house, leading to further inappropriate contact.

When questioned by the police, Ashlyn confessed to spending time with the victim and visiting her house twice but vehemently denied engaging in any sexual activities.

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Harvey was arrested on January 30, 2024 and then he was taken to the Sanpete County Jail. He is currently being investigated for involvement in five different cases of illegal behavior. If he is proven guilty, it is possible that he will have to stay in prison for an extended period of time.

Ashlyn Harvey Husband

Jake, Ashlyn’s husband, works as a nurse and they support each other in their family and professional lives. Ashlyn and Jake have two wonderful children.

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