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BiBi Jones: 30 Facts about the star

BiBi Jones is an American actress who is best known for appearing in adult movies. She gained significant popularity in the adult film industry due to her stunning looks, captivating performances, and natural talent.

She has also managed to transition into mainstream entertainment taking on different roles and making appearances on various TV shows and podcasts. Her success in the adult industry, she has faced criticism and judgment from some individuals, but she continues to embrace her career choices and advocate for sexual positivity and freedom of expression.

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How old is BiBi Jones?

BiBi Jones age is 32 years old, as of 2024. He was born on 23 July 1991 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. Her real name is Britney Maclin. She stands at a height of 1.68 m.

BiBi Jones Husband

BiBi Jones is married with Jim Grdina. They tied knot in 2014.

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30 Facts About BiBi Jones

  1. BiBi Jones’ favorite words are cute, bbuing, uing.
  2. Her favorite color is blue.
  3. Her favorite season is spring.
  4. Her favorite animals are cats, dogs, tigers, crocodiles and sharks.
  5. Her favorite foods are tonkatsu, carbonated drinks and jelly
  6. Her favorite movies are Rapunzel and Frozen.
  7. Her first impression about Ningning: She kept using formal language for almost 3 weeks when she found out the other three memberes were unnies (older than her).
  8. Her first impression about Winter: woah~ she’s very small~
  9. Her first impression about Giselle: we both were very shy and greeted each other.
  10. She chose “Ice Americano” over hot Americano in winter.
  11. She chose dipping sauce over puring sauce for ttangsuyuk.
  12. She likes mint chocolate, and pineapple pizza.
  13. She choose migraine over teeth pain forever.
  14. She chose AC in winter over heater in summer.
  15. She chose jelly kimchi stew over chocolate bibimbap.
  16. She chose melted ice cream over carbonated drink without bubbles.
  17. Her favorite snacks are jellies and Pink Pringles.
  18. She also enjoys eating Pink Pringles with Blue Pringles.
  19. She cracks her knuckles a lot.
  20. She likes playing mobile games a lot.
  21. She is into PUBG, but Winter and Ningning both think she is bad at it.
  22. When she is home she tends to watch reruns of variety shows.
  23. On important days she always makes sure to wear her rosary ring.
  24. The last things she does before sleeping is to wear a sleeping pack and then put vaseline on her lips.
  25. The emoji she uses the most often is the crying face. (🥺)
  26. She relieves stress by eating good food and shopping.
  27. She likes to read in a quiet place.
  28. Her favorite weather is when it is cloudy but not raining.
  29. She wants to learn to play the guitar.
  30. She likes to look preppy.

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