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Who Is TikToker, Bludsuc: What We Know So Far

Bludsuc is a mystery on TikTok, and people are interested in finding out who she is. We’ll go deep into the internet directory to learn more about her in this post. Bludsuc is an internet sensation on Tiktok who creates steamy TikTok videos featuring her body shape and tiny waist. Her followers and fans believe she has a beautiful physique. Who Is TikToker, Bludsuc: What We Know So Far.

Who Is Bludsuc On TikTok?

Bludsuc is a Tiktok model and personality who is known for her attractive videos and TikToks. She uses the handle @bludsucss on Tiktok. She had an account under the username bludsuc and succabuz, but it was deleted twice before. She has three Instagram accounts in total.

Her current one was her first, and she created it early last year. This is her third account, which she has been maintaining since the beginning of last year. Her following has grown to over 7 thousand people while her followers increased to around 30K on her previous account.

Bludsuc Age in 2022: How Old Is She?

Bludsuc looks to be around 23 to 28 years old. She has a unique look about her. Her waist is typically shown off in her films, as well as her hefty hips. This is her method for gaining TikTok followers.

Bludsuc Real Name

Bludsuc has remained completely private about her personal life, even her actual name. She appears to be a mix between a gothic girl and a hentai figure. She has an unmistakably Asian appearance.

Is Bludsuc On Other Social Media?

Bludsuc was previously known to have a Facebook page and an Instagram account, but she is no longer found on other platforms. She may have deleted all of her additional accounts, except for her current TikTok profile. She has a large number of admirers and fans on Reddit, owing to which they established a community for her supporters and followers.

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Who Is Bludsuc Dating?

Unfortunately, there is no information about her love life. It’s unclear if she has or ever had a boyfriend. However, it may be said that she is straight and interested in males.

Bludsuc Net Worth

She may have a net worth of roughly $100,000 as a TikToker and web personality. Aside from TikTok, however, there is no information regarding her career, so she may have a net worth of about $100,000 for an approximate estimate. She does not appear in any of her videos outside the confines of the room where everything takes place.

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