Michigan Missing Case Update: Was Brendan Santo Found Dead?


More than two months have passed since Brendan Santo vanished from Michigan. Was Brendan Santo murdered? Let’s look at how his status has changed in this post. Brendan Santo is a seventeen-year-old boy who went missing from Michigan on October 29, 2021.

He was on his way to East Lansing to watch the State Football game at Grand Valley University:

On October 29, he was seen in East Lansing, Michigan, which is where his friend circle lives. There were no obvious signs that anything had happened to him until his phone stopped pinging near Beal Street at 11:50 p.m., roughly an hour before he vanished.

According to the FBI, it has been attempting to find a young boy since November 9 of that year.

Was Brendan Santo Found Dead?

Since he has been missing for two months, everyone has been trying to figure out what happened to him. Everyone is hoping for the best for his search operation. He still hasn’t been discovered after such a thorough search. As a result, many people believe he is dead, since there is no indication of his presence at this point. His relatives and close friends are on the lookout, with the reward steadily climbing as the days go by without word from him.

Furthermore, the police force has covered all of the locations, including the Red Cedar River in East Lansing, where they have used sonar, canines, and underwater equipment. In addition, police have been keeping track of the information provided by locals and other people.

Meet His Parents: Brad And Wendy Santo

Brendan Santo’s parents are searching for their missing eighteen-year-old son, who vanished in October. His parents reside in Rochester and have been appealing for the recovery of their son on social media platforms for several weeks.

Brad works as a W.W. Grainger on-site manager. Brad holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Walsh University. There is, however, little known about his mother online, other than her public record.

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Brendan Santo’s Age: How Old Is He?

Brendan Santo is a college student at the age of eighteen. He was raised in Rochester Hills, Oakland County, by his parents. According to a separate report, he is 5 feet and 10 inches tall and has a weight of about 73 kilograms.

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