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Who Was Cecil Henderson, Glynis Johns’ Ex-Husband?

Cecil Henderson was married with Glynis Johns who was a British actress. She had an eight-decade career in theatre and film, appearing in over 60 plays and films.

Throughout her career, she was recognized with numerous awards, including nominations for the Laurence Olivier, Golden Globe, and Academy Awards, as well as a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award. She was among the few prominent stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age and the heyday of British cinema still alive.

In her lifetime, she was married four times. Glynis met her first husband, Anthony Forwood, while rehearsing for Quiet Wedding (1941). Johns began dating producer Antony Darnborough after working together on Encore (1951). Johns married David Foster, a Royal Navy officer and later president of Colgate-Palmolive, on 1 February 1952 in Manhattan, New York.

After these marriages, she married Cecil Henderson. Glynis Johns was predeceased by all four of her husbands. The first to die was her third husband, Cecil Henderson.

Cecil Henderson marriage with Glynis Johns

Cecil Henderson was a businessman. He married Glynis Johns on 10 October 1960 in Westminster, London. They divorced on 21 June 1962. He cited adultery and she did not contest the charge.

Cecil Henderson death

Cecil Henderson died in 1978. His step-son, Gareth Forwood, died in 2007 from cancer and a heart attack. His ex-wife, Glynis Johns died in Los Angeles at an assisted living home, on 4 January 2024, aged 100. Her manager verified that she passed away in an assisted care home.

Who was Glynis Johns?

Glynis Johns showed off her versatility in the classic 1965 Disney picture “Mary Poppins,” where she portrayed the vivacious Edwardian suffragist Mrs. Banks, before going on to have fame on stage.

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Aside from drawing attention to herself and her two tiny children’s fantastic adventures while in the care of Julie Andrews’s paranormal nanny, Johns’s character wore a sash that read “Votes for Women” and was preparing to “throw things at the prime minister.”

Johns was survived by a grandson and three great-grandchildren and he leaves behind a legacy that is loved by audiences all around the world. Her love for the performing arts persisted throughout her life. Johns stated,

“Acting is my highest form of intelligence, the time when I use the best part of my brain.”

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