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Who Is Charleston White Now: All About His Story And Career

Charleston White is an American businesswoman, motivational speaker, content creator, media personality, and Youtuber from Texas. This talented guy is recognized for his amazing YouTube videos. He’s also a well-known controversial figure who has refused to quiet Nipsey Hussle and King Von’s name while they’re still alive. Who Is Charleston White Now: All About His Story And Career.

Charleston White Snitch

Once, people in Charleston were called snitches for passing on gang intelligence to the cops. He used to discuss his past experiences and encourage others. There are both haters and supporters. Many people regard him as a motivation figure because of the term “snitch.”

Who Is Charleston White?

Charleston White is the creator and CEO of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE), which he founded after George Floyd’s death. He achieved prominence after his statement on George Floyd’s death.

Despite his past criminality, he is promoting himself as a motivational speaker to the general public. He frequently posts videos of himself on YouTube. He has a huge fan base, as well as detractors. He may also be labeled an internet phenomenon controversial.

Charleston Age: How Old Is He?

Charleston White is now 52 years old, as per the news in The Sun. His birthdate is not available.

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Charleston White Wiki

Charleston is not listed on Wikipedia. However, he has social media accounts that have lots of followers. He is an American. He belongs to the black community there. Charleston’s past is not so smooth. He has been on the road to crime since his childhood. Previously he was the leader of the TEEN Texas gang.

At the age of 14, he was sent to jail for murder. Despite his criminal background, he has built up himself from his past. Now, he has established himself as a motivational speaker. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE).

He has a YouTube channel, where he posts his videos. He has become a motivation and inspiration for many youths, especially black, out there.

What Is His Net Worth?

White’s net worth is not revealed yet. Although he’s made some mistakes in the past, White has become a inspirational figure and prominent member of his community. He started Helping Young People Excel (HYPE), an entity that helps educate adolescents to evade crime. Additionally, he is involved with his church. White, 52, was studying criminal justice at Texas Wesleyan University but left to tour the nation and share his story as well as wisdom and expertise in an effort to positively influence others.

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