Who Is Helena Pask Trousdale, Chris Trousdale’s Mother?


Helena Pask Trousdale is best known as the mother of Chris Trousdale, who was an American singer, dancer and actor. He was a member of The Broadway Kids and the boy band Dream Street, working with Jesse McCartney, Frankie J. Galasso, Gregory Raposo, and Matt Ballinger. Who Is Helena Pask Trousdale, Chris Trousdale’s Mother?

Helena Pask Trousdale, Chris Trousdale’s Mother

Helena Pask Trousdale is the mother of Chris Trousdale, an American dancer and actor. She has been a supportive parent to her son throughout his career.

Chris Trousdale began dancing at a young age, and Helena Pask Trousdale encouraged him to pursue his passion. She would take him to dance classes and competitions, and she was always supportive of his dreams.

When Chris Trousdale decided to pursue a career in acting, Helena Pask Trousdale again supported him. She helped him move to Los Angeles and get started in the industry.

Helena Pask Trousdale has always been proud of her son’s achievements. She is happy to see him doing what he loves and succeeding in his career.

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Helena Pask Trousdale Husband

Who is the husband of Helena Pask Trousdale? She is married with her husband named, William Sakelson. Moreover, Chris Trousdale’s parents divorced and his mother remarried Wayne Trousdale. His stepfather’s name became his stage name.

Helena Pask Trousdale Is Very Supportive Towards Her Son’s Career

Helena Pask Trousdale is a very supportive mother who has always encouraged her son to pursue his dreams. When her son was just starting out in his career, she was always there to support him and give him advice. Even now, she is still very supportive of his career and helps him whenever she can.

She is also very proud of her son’s accomplishments and is always happy to talk about them. Helena Pask Trousdale is a great role model for her son and other mothers who want to be supportive of their children’s careers.

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