Colette Alley [Kirstie Alley’s Sibling] Wiki, Parents, Now and Bio

Colette Alley [Kirstie Alley’s Sibling] Wiki, Parents, Now and Bio

Kirstie Alley’s siblings are Colette and Craig Alley. Colette, who was born in 1948, is the oldest of the three children. Craig, who was born in 1950, is the middle child’s child. The youngest of the three, Kirstie was born in 1951.

Every single one of them was brought up in Wichita, Kansas. Lillian and Robert Alley, the parents of the children, were both originally from the state of Montana. During that time, Lillian was a homemaker, while Robert was employed as a truck driver. Both English and Scottish ancestry were represented in the family.

It has been stated by Kirstie that her siblings were “the cool ones” when she was a child. After their own father went away when she was just a teenager, she has stated that she has always been close to Craig and that he has been like a father figure to her.

Colette and Craig Bio

Formerly a model and actor, Colette is now a model. As well as appearing in magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, she has also done some acting, appearing in television shows including The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Her work has been featured in both of these publications.

Craig is a brilliant and successful businessman. He is the proprietor of a variety of businesses, one of which is a real estate agency of his own, as well as an automobile dealership. It has been stated by Kirstie that Craig is the “brains” of the family system.

He entered the entertainment profession. Cheers, the sitcom for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award, was the first show for which she achieved success as an actress.

Look Who’s Talking and Star Trek: The Motion Picture are only two of the films in which she has appeared as a leading actress. Although she is most known for her work as an actress, Kirstie is also a famous author and the owner of her own apparel and home product company.

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