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This Couple Isn’t Going to Work Out: 10 Telltale Signs And Advice From People Sharing Their People

Romantic relationships are full of joy and fulfillment; on the other, they may be taxing and demanding. Why? Why? Because once the honeymoon period ends, you and your spouse will need to put in effort to stay together. Even fewer people have the ability or desire to do so. So, when user Dazzling_Leopard4627 asked Reddit users to provide the warning signs that “this couple isn’t going to make it,” several members of the community stepped up to the plate. Here are a few of the most often given explanations, ranging from having multiple social media accounts to engaging in passive-aggressive criticism.

#1 Manipulating the behavior of another

Manipulating the behavior of another. refuses to give them time to themselves, including seeing friends and relatives or engaging in hobbies. This type of behavior is not only controlling, but also possessive and manipulative.

It can lead to feelings of isolation and dependence on the controlling partner. In healthy relationships, both individuals should have the freedom to maintain their own interests and relationships outside of the partnership.

#2 Keep things interesting

If one partner initiates conflict in an effort to “spice things up” or “keep things interesting” in the relationship. Arguments and disputes are common, but inventing one just to avoid a “boring relationship” is insane.


Healthy relationships thrive on open communication, trust, and mutual respect, not unnecessary drama. It is important for both partners to address any underlying issues or feelings in a constructive and respectful manner, rather than creating conflict for the sake of excitement.

Inventing arguments can create unnecessary tension and damage the trust and stability of the relationship in the long run.

#3 Forgiveness to one another

Not extending forgiveness to one another in the event of a misunderstanding or other incident. Quick to just assume the worse or behaviors. This lack of trust can quickly deteriorate a relationship, causing unnecessary tension and conflict.

It is important to communicate openly and honestly with each other in order to avoid misunderstandings and assumptions. By giving each other the benefit of the doubt and approaching situations with empathy and understanding, a stronger and more resilient bond can be formed.

#4 Purchased a home together

One of the people I was hanging out with said, “Oh, take a video of me stirring this so that boyfriend knows that I’m actually doing what I said I was doing and not out and cheating on him.” or anything similar to that. In less than six months, they also purchased a home together.

#5 Love

Points are awarded. Taking notes on the outcome of the dispute, who went out with pals last weekend and for how long, and making snide remarks about those topics in front of loved ones.

couple-red-flags-doomed-relationship (2)

When a disagreement inevitably arises, pull out that mental tally and use it as a verbal weapon to “win the argument.” observed in a number of couples at this time. In ten years, all of them got divorced.

#6 One-sided concession

A one-sided concession made by one party to the other that is a f**kton of work. Compromise appears by one party, while the other merely keeps taking and gaining what they want without making any effort to compromise.

Fearing that they will never find another spouse, that they will be too old to have children anytime soon, or for any other reason, depressed people allow themselves to be taken advantage of. The relationship crumbles like damp tissue paper the moment someone self-centered comes along to lure the oppressed partner, or when the self-centered jerk strikes them or encounters another similar Rubicon crossing.

#7 Really acting cruel

Correcting each other in public when it’s not necessary. “Joking” but in really acting cruel. Diatribes and disparaging remarks…”oh we just joke along like that” . All right.

couple-red-flags-doomed-relationship (4)

#8 Social media is no longer together

A lot of postings that boast modestly. Nearly every pair I’ve seen on my social media is no longer together. There seems to be a correlation that I can’t help but notice.

#9 ALWAYS in unison

While the other is not around and they do nothing at all. Visit relatives, go out with friends, get a haircut, etc. ALWAYS in unison. It’s almost as if they’re joined at the hip. Some people might find their constant togetherness endearing, but others might wonder if they ever have a moment to themselves. Regardless, their bond seems unbreakable and their friendship unwavering. It’s clear that they will always have each other’s backs, no matter what.

#10 Break, please

Upon hearing my former best friend’s confession, she became enraged with her girlfriend and proceeded to park the car while sitting in the passenger seat. They also received a few calls from the police. Give me a break, please. You two are still together and consistently share captions like “we have our hard times but we are so strong together.”

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