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How Old Is Cynthia Monteleone: What We Know

Cynthia Monteleone, a track and field athlete from Hawaii, is not mentioned on Wikipedia. She and her daughter are campaigning for gender equality in sports together. Teleone was a world champion track and field athlete, a 400-meter world champion runner, and a member of Team USA Masters. She defeated trans competitor Yanelle Del Mar Zape at the 2018 World Masters Athletics Championships.

Cynthia was criticized for speaking out against Yelane in the aftermath of her victory at the 2019 World Championship indoor competition. Cynthia was asked by USA Track and Field’s administrators to keep quiet. She is now attempting to create a level playing field. How Old Is Cynthia Monteleone: What We Know.

Cynthia Monteleone: Age

Cynthia Monteleone does not have a Wikipedia entry. She does, however, have her own website where you can learn more about her background and biography. Steve Coleman and Hazel Yaun ran the Liberty High School team in New York at the state level under Cynthia’s guidance.

Cynthia was a Division I East Coast university’s collegiate athlete. Coach Jim Sprecher developed her in the 400, 200, 4×100, and 4×400 relays. Monteleone is 45 years old now. She is a world champion track and field competitor who has raised issues about trans athletes’ advantages in women’s sports.

The world champion in the 400m and one of the top Masters athletes in the United States has urged her management not to complain about it, according to The Daily Mail. Cynthia credits her family, coaches, Team USA teammates, USATF Hawaii, and club team for her unwavering support.

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Who Is Cynthia Monteleone Husband?

Cynthia Monteleone is the owner of a firm with her husband Zane. She has been away from dancing for twenty years, but she’s back now. Cynthia and Zane have three wonderful children together. She lives in Hawaii with her family. She never considered that she would have enough time or energy to train again after having a kid.

Meet Cynthia Monteleone Daughter

Cynthia Monteleone’s granddaugher, Margaret Oneal Monteleone, is now attending St. Anthony School in Maui, Hawaii. Last year, Margaret had to compete against a biological guy in high school track.

According to the Independent Women’s Forum, she placed second behind the transgender athlete after coming in second place last year. Cynthia and her daughter speak about competing in women’s races against biological males. They’ve termed it unjust, and they’re speaking out and trying to preserve female sports.

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