Who is Cynthia Reyes? Manitoba official’s wife clarifies snow shovel drama


After his wife, Cynthia Reyes, had just gotten home from a 12-hour night shift, Manitoba politician Jon Reyes uploaded a photo of her shoveling snow. His spouse, on the other hand, defended him by stating that the issue had been exaggerated. So what’s going on?

After inadvertently uploading what was intended to be an endearing message showing appreciation for his wife, Canadian politician Jon Reyes got himself in hot water. Now he’s gone viral after being accused of being the husband who let his wife do backbreaking labor after a long shift.

But according to Cynthia Reyes, that claim is “utterly false.” Some people have mocked the politician with memes, while others are claiming it’s a case of gender equality.

Who is Cynthia Reyes?

Cynthia Reyes is a Filipino-Winnipegian. Her father was sponsored by his older siblings to come to Canada, while her mother was one of the first Philippine registered nurses.

Cynthia took a course at Dakota Collegiate High School before going on to the University of Manitoba.

Cynthia had owned and run a UPS store in Kenaston Common since 2000, and before that she ran her own jewellery business for ten years. Cynthia is a member of several community organizations, including Women Business Owners of Manitoba and the Manitoba Filipino Business Council – her husband created the latter and is president. Cynthia later married Jon Reyes, who is a musician and an OIC of the American Bank Center for five years. The pair have two children: daughter Reyna (about 19 years old), and son Miguel (about 15).

Reyes responds to snow-shovelling drama

Snow-shovelling has been a hot topic on social media lately, especially after the post drew hundreds of comments and accusations. To avoid any further misunderstanding, Reyes took to her personal Facebook page to clarify her snow-shovelling statement.

After a long shift, she used to “relax” by shoveling because the morning hours are quiet and peaceful. She does, however, like it. Reyes emphasised her family shared chores and the tweet wouldn’t have gone viral if “the gender roles were reversed”.

Overall, she addresses the drawbacks of social media and how things can get out of hand. The politician also responded to the scandal with a snap of him and his wife—naturally, in the snow!

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