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Danny Jones Penniman Biological Parents: Adopted Son Of Little Richard

Danny Jones Penniman is the adopted son of of Little Richard And Ernestine Harvin and the couple adopted him at age 14 in 1984. They bring him into their house in Lynchburg, the home of Jack Daniel’s, but they quickly got bored living out in the country.

Danny Jones Penniman Age

Danny Jones Penniman age is 52 years old, as of 2023. He was born in 1971 in Macon, Georgia, U.S.

Who Is Danny Jones Penniman?

Despite being in the shadow of his famous father Richard, Danny has managed to make out a name for himself in the music industry. While his father’s celebrity status undoubtedly opened doors for him, Danny has worked tirelessly to establish his own special sound and style.


With a passion for music running through his veins, he has taken advantage of the opportunities that came his way and he is more than just a outcome of his father’s fame. As he continues to grow as an performer, Danny Jones is eager to make a career that is entirely his own.


Little Richard, the father of Danny Jones Penniman, first met his future wife, Ernestine Harvin, in October of 1957 during an evangelical rally. In that same year, they started dating, and on July 12, 1959, they tied the knot in California.

Harvin claims that at first she and Richard had a blissful marriage and “normal” sexual relations. In 1964, when she filed for divorce, Harvin claimed that her husband’s fame was to blame for the problems in her marriage. According to Richard, the couple’s marriage ended due to his sexuality and his negligence.

Danny Jones Penniman with his dad
Little Richard

After the end of his marriage with Harvin, Richard’s relationship with his son Danny became even more significant. Despite the challenges of being a single parent, Richard gave himself to providing a loving and supportive home for his son. As Danny grew older, their bond only grew stronger with Richard often relying on his son’s unconditional support and acting as a supporting figure in his life. Harvin later tied knot with Mcdonald Campbell.

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Lesser Known Facts About Danny Jones Penniman

Danny Jones Penniman grandparents are Leva Mae (née Stewart) and Charles “Bud” Penniman. His grandfather was a church deacon and a brick mason, who sold bootlegged moonshine on the side and owned a nightclub called the Tip In Inn.


His grandmother was a member of Macon’s New Hope Baptist Church. Initially, his first name was supposed to have been “Ricardo”, but an error switched it to “Richard”.

As he grew older, his love for music only deepened. He found solace and inspiration in the melodies that filled the sanctuaries of those Pentecostal churches. The powerful voices and soul-stirring harmonies became the soundtrack of his upbringing, shaping his musical taste and fueling his desire to create his own music someday. Every Sunday, he enthusiastically looked forward to the moment when the choir would take the stage. He enjoyed the Pentecostal churches the most, because of their charismatic worship and live music. 

His father, Little Richard’s initial musical influences were gospel performers such as Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Mahalia Jackson, Brother Joe May and Marion Williams.

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