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Meet Steve Irwin’s Son, Robert: What We Know So Far

Steve and Robert Irwin appear to have gotten their dad’s abilities. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree when it comes to Steve and Robert Irwin. The 18-year-old recently uploaded some videos to his TikTok account showing him bravely rescuing a huge snake from the middle of a road without any fear. Meet Steve Irwin’s Son, Robert: What We Know So Far.

Irwin ‘Wrangles’ Snake He Found In The Road

The first video depicts Irwin encountering the snake while driving. “Look at you, buddy!” he exclaims after getting out of his car to examine it more closely. “How are you?” He then places his phone on the ground and asks his fans to “Let’s get him (the snake) caught.” Irwin picks up the snake without hesitation, allowing it to writhe around his arm. “He’s in a very, very bad position,” Irwin tells the camera. “He’s on a road—he’s at Australia Zoo, this is in the zoo—and he’s got crocs on that side and he’s got an aviary full of birds. He’s either going to get eaten or he’s going to eat one of our animals.”

“What I’m going to do is pop him in a little bag, and then I’ll drive him all the way out into some nice, natural bushland, where he’s come from to give him a better chance of life,” he continued. “And also, make sure he doesn’t eat any of the zoo residents.”

According to the Daily Mail, Irwin continued to display the snake, demonstrating how it was “constricting” around his arm and displaying the belly pattern of scales. Irwin goes back out into the bush country the next day in a second clip.

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Releasing The Snake With Mom Terri

“Before I release the snake, though, it’s important that my mother is actually filming.” Irwin tells his followers how he will release the snake and then approaches the camera to announce, “However, before we do that, I’m going to make sure my mom is recording.” Terri Irwin is Irwin’s “day camera operator.”

Irwina takes out a bag of food and says, “You’re home!” He looks back at the camera and laughs: “I believe he’s a little disappointed that he won’t be able to eat any of our birds; however, other than that , I think he’s ecstatic.”

Steve and Terri embrace their son, who is clad in an orange Led Zeppelin survival suit while holding a boa constrictor. Steve frees the snake and it swiftly crawls away into the water and swims off. “Brilliant,” Irwin congratulates his mother, fist-bumping her in thanks. It’s no surprise that Irwin has no fear of handling hazardous creatures since to him, his parents are Steve and Terri.

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