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Who is Donna Jeremiah? Net Worth, Age and Husband

Donna Jeremiah is a well-known American author has gained recognition for her book titled Storm Over Coronado. However, she is primarily known as the wife of the renowned Christian author and pastor, David Jeremiah. He is the creator of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries.

Donna Jeremiah Net Worth

Donna’s estimated net worth of $750k as of 2023 is mainly attributed to her successful career as an author. Through her writing accomplishments and book sales, she has managed to achieve this money. However,her husband David has an impressive net worth of $30 million, which he has amassed through his extensive career as a pastor and author.

Donna Jeremiah Bio and Age

Donna Jeremiah was born in 1947 and is currently around 76 years old. She completed her education at Cedrville University in 1963, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. She then attended Dallas Theological Seminary where she obtained a Master of Arts in Christian Education. After completing her studies, Donna pursued a career as a teacher and counselor. She also serves at the Turning Point Ministries as their Executive Vice President. Donna has also written two books titled “Storm Over Coronado” and “Intrigue In Coronado”.

Donna Jeremiah Husband

In 1963, Donn and her husband David Jeremiah tied the knot. David is a well-known American evangelical Christian author and serves as a senior pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church. Also, he is the creator of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries. Daniel, Jan, Jennifer, and David Michael are the couple’s four children and 12 grandchildren.

Michael Jeremiah, the eldest son of Donna serves as a voice anchor and also holds the position of president for Turning Point’s radio and TV ministries. This organization’s program is being broadcasted in more than 2000 radio stations around the globe. With such extensive reach, it attracts approximately 480 million listeners from various parts of the world.

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About David Jeremiah

David Jeremiah was born in 1941 in Toledo, Ohio. He is Ruby and James T. Jeremiah’s son. He grew up in Ohio. After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree at Cedarville College, he felt a deep calling to continue his studies in theology. This led him to Dallas Theological Seminary, where he obtained his Master’s degree in 1967.

David is widely known as the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church. This church, located in El Cajon, California, is a large Southern Baptist megachurch. With his leadership and guidance, Pastor David has made a significant impact on the community by providing spiritual guidance and support to its members.

In 1994, David was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the lymph system. It was a life-threatening illness for him. Donna, however, only found out about his condition three days after the diagnosis. Due to his illness, David had to undergo surgery to remove his enlarged spleen. Unfortunately, his health complications did not end there. In 1998, lumps of flesh started appearing in his neck, indicating a recurrence or spread of the cancer. Consequently, in 1999, David had to undergo another surgical procedure where doctors successfully removed the nodules from his neck.

Donna and David Jeremiah Relationship

Donna and Dr. David Jeremiah have devoted their lives to serving in the ministry, choosing to take on the difficult mission of establishing a church in Fort-Wayne, Texas. They founded the Blackhawk School, which aimed to provide education and guidance to those in need. They created a TV program called “The Bible Hour” in order to share their teachings with a larger audience. They went on to establish the Christian Unified Kindergarten School, providing young children with a strong Christian foundation. Lastly, they founded the Southern California Seminary, furthering their commitment to educating individuals on Christian principles and theology.

After moving to California in 1981, the couple became members of the Scott Memorial Baptist Church. Over time, they decided to change the name of the church to Shadow Mountain Community Church. Donna was honored with the position of Vice-President within the church, while her husband took on the role of head pastor.

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