Enshrouded Builds Mage’s skills, equipment and weapons

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When you begin playing Enshrouded, the game doesn’t give much guidance on what items to keep or skills to prioritize.

Figuring out the best strategies on your own can be time-consuming and draining. To help you out, we have compiled the top four Enshrouded builds that will enhance your gameplay and take your adventure to new heights. Check them out below for an easier and more enjoyable gaming experience.

When it comes to mage builds in Enshrouded, wands are definitely superior to staffs. Not only do they not need ammunition, but the abilities you can acquire make them significantly more effective. Here is my current endgame loadout, along with some alternatives for early and midgame.

Best Mage Build in Enshrouded

Choosing a wand over a staff is the way to go in Enshrouded for mage builds. Wands don’t require ammo and have more beneficial unlockable skills. Here is the endgame loadout I am currently using, with alternative options for early and mid-game stages.

Best Skills for a Mage Build

  • Sting – repeated damage with the wand is increased by twenty percent.
  • Wand Master: 30% chance of producing another wand projectile.
  • Water Aura: For every two Intelligence points you possess, you and your allies within a 15-meter radius will regenerate 1 health point.
  • Double Jump – allows for a second jump while airborne.
  • Exalted: For every two flame levels, you will receive one point of intelligence.
  • Waters of Life: For every two Intelligence points you possess, you and your allies within a 15-meter radius will regenerate an additional 2 health.
  • Wizard –Increases the chance of magic weapons being critical by ten percent.
  • Ranger – +2 Dexterity, +2 Endurance, +5% Critical Chance, +5 Stamina Recharge, +5% Critical Damage.
  • Mass Destruction: Every enemy within a 20-meter radius will take two shock damage per intelligence point when you land a critical hit with a magic weapon.

Best Equipment for a Mage Build

  • Archmage Hat (+13 percent Critical Strike Damage, +15 percent Magical Critical Strike Chance); I personally use a Sage Headwrap because it looks way better but isn’t significantly worse.
  • Gloom Monarch Chestplate (+240HP, +48 Mana)
  • The Elder Gloves increase magic damage by 12% and deal an additional 9% damage to magical enemies.
  • Deadeye Boots (Reduce stamina timeout by 700 and regenerate stamina by 3).
  • Enhance all characteristics by donning the Ring of the Ancients.
  • Despite being called gloves in-game, Deerstalker Trousers provide +18 Stamina and +1 Sprint Speed.

Best Weapon for a Mage Build

The Ritual Tempest Wand is without a doubt the greatest weapon that wizards can wield. It might be wise to additionally bring a Blazing Wand.

With two different wands at your disposal, you’ll be ready to face any enemy in the game. Their standout feature is the fact that all of their upgrade nodes provide a flat increase to elemental damage.

For this level, our wands acquire an extra nine elemental damage. When compared to the first 20% damage gain, no crit chance increase comes close. Consequently, obtaining these two wands is really an easy choice.


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