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Erin Napier And Daughter Mae Napier Illness & Health Update 2022

Erin Napier, a former HGTV star and current Today host, has revealed her own battle with mental illness. Continue reading to learn more about her condition as well as receive an update on her health. Erin Napier’s illness has affected her mental well-being as well as her physical comfort.

She has spoken publicly about her condition, and she has also aired personal details on social media while doing so. Mae, Erin’s younger daughter, has been sick, and she frequently updates her followers on the internet about her health problems. She also enjoys informing her fans about what is going on in her life. Erin Napier And Daughter Mae Napier Illness & Health Update 2022.

Know About Erin Napier And Daughter Mae Napier’s Illness

Mae Napier, the youngest daughter of Erin Napier, was born with a condition. According to the HGTV star, Mae was simply the missing piece her family had been searching for. Mae has had birth defects since she was born, which she refers to as “disabling.”

She did say, though, that physical therapy was going well for her and that with each passing day, she became more resilient. Mae also mentioned that her kid is almost crawling and is generally smiling in an upload. Erin considers Mae, who has a medical problem, to be the nicest and simplest infant she has ever met, despite her health issues.


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Despite the difficulties, the hometown celebrity continues to inform her fans about her daughter’s health. She stated in a blog entry that Mae, her younger daughter, is getting better and that therapy has proven beneficial in their case.

What Has Been Happening To This HGTV Star?

Erin Napier’s spiral thoughts and panic attacks are caused by a disease she had in the past. According to People, her experience damaged her neural function, causing her to be scared of and obsessed with illness. She discussed her ten-year struggle with a mysterious sickness in great detail in an interview with People.

Her strange sickness, which she had been suffering from for a long time, was determined to be an appendix perforation.

36-year-old reality TV star Kim Rogers shared a photo on her social media accounts in which she speaks about how she remembers her disease, which happens around this time of year every year. She published the photograph to social media while she was in the hospital in 2014, finally able to get rid of her ruptured appendix.

Despite the fact that she has revealed everything about her personal life as well as what is going on with their professional success, she has yet to disclose the identities of her children.

She isn’t afraid to freely share her life and the highs and lows she and her family are experiencing, with over 1.2 million social media followers. Her mother’s Facebook post about losing their 12-year-old dog Baker grew popular, and her older daughter was sobbing as she recalled him on there.

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