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The Whitaker Family West Virginia Story: Wikipedia and Documentary

The Whitaker family is a well-known English family that had a significant impact on Sicily. It all started with Benjamin Ingham, who started a wine business in Marsala.

His relative Joseph Whitaker took over and expanded the business, making it more diverse. Their fascinating story is chronicled in Raleigh Trevelyan’s book ‘Princes Under the Volcano: Two Hundred Years of a British Dynasty in Sicily’.

In recognition of their contributions, the family was awarded the hereditary title of Whitaker baronets in 1936.

Explore The Whitaker Family

The Whitakers are an American family hailing that hails from Odd, West Virginia. They are a family of seniors living in a small town located in Raleigh County.

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The family is inbreds and they are believed to be close to one another both genetically and biologically. A majority of them suffer from mental disorders are also connected with the inbred portion in the familial.

The Whitaker family is comprised of four members of which three of them are siblings, one is their cousin. They also have many dogs. The family lost one brother due to a heart attack.

In the early 1820s, Benjamin Ingham a member of the Ingham family from Palermo, Italy, invited his nephews from the Whitaker family to join him in his business ventures.

One of these nephews was Joseph Whitaker, who was born in 1850 and had a father with the same name. Joseph Whitaker Jr. was not only involved in business but also had a passion for archaeology, ornithology, and sports.

When he inherited the Ingham Marsala wine business, he also gained ownership of vast vineyards and his grandfather’s banking empire.

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The Whitaker Family Documentary

The Whitaker family’s story was documented by YouTuber and photographer Mark Latia. The video was posted on his YouTube channel ‘Soft White Underbelly’.

The video was posted the 4th of July, 2020 and has been watched more than 20 million times. 257,776 people have upvoted the video and twelve thousand people have downvoted for the clip.

Mark has taken pictures of his family prior to the video. Even though the family did not appear to be interested in the video, Mark tried his best to discover the answers. He even started an GoFundMe account to aid the family.

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