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Jamie Lumley Wiki, Age, Mother and Net Worth

Jamie Lumley is well-known for his photography skills and has achieved success in his field. He is the son of Joanna Lumley, who played the iconic character Patsy Stone in the popular BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous from 1992 to 2012.

Jamie Lumley Wiki and Age

Jamie Lumley is a British photographer who was born in 1967. He is currently 56 years old. Jamie found his passion for photography when he was just six years old and pursued it by studying professional photographic practice at the London College of Printing. Throughout his career, Jamie has traveled extensively within the UK to create products for exhibition. His work has been showcased in various cities including London, Poland, Paris, and Beijing.

Joanna was 21 years old at the time, became a mother when Jamie was born. Despite being a single mother after her separation from Jamie’s father, Michael Claydon, Joanna and her child have a strong bond. As a famous TV star, Joanna had to juggle her work commitments and decided to send Jamie to boarding school.

Jamie Lumley Children

Jamie is the father of two teenage girls named Alice and Emily. They are both intelligent and talented individuals, with Alice excelling in academics and Emily showcasing her artistic skills through painting and drawing.

Who is Mother of Jamie, Joanna Lumley?

Joanna Lumley is a British actress who has been in the entertainment industry for many years. She has also worked as a presenter, model, author, television producer, and activist. At 77 years old, she has achieved a lot in her career. She is especially known for her role as Patsy Stone in the popular BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, which earned her two BAFTA TV Awards. Additionally, she was recognized for her talent on stage and was nominated for a prestigious Tony Award for her performance in the Broadway revival of La Bête in 2011. Recently, she is seen in Netflix thriller series “Fool Me Once: Limited Series”

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Joanna enjoys boxing and actively advocates for causes related to human rights. In addition, she also expresses her support for various animal welfare organizations such as Vegetarian’s International Voice for Animals, Farm Animal Sanctuary, and more. Also, Joanna acts as a patron for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, showcasing her commitment to support children in need.

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