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Gabriela Berlingeri is a minor celebrity in the Puerto Rican music industry. She is also dating Bad Bunny, one of the most renowned performers on the island. She also operates a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of herself performing skits and songs. Furthermore, she goes by the name “badgaab” on social networking sites like Instagram.

Who Is Gabriela Berlingeri?

Gabriela Berlingeri is a well-known figure in the Puerto Rican music industry. She was born on December 29, 1993, according to her wiki.

Gabriela was born in Puerto Rico and was raised in a secure and loving household by her parents.

Gabriela is currently dating Bad Bunny, a well-known Puerto Rican vocalist.

Gabriela Berlingeri Boyfriend

Although the true identity of her boyfriend is unknown, his stage name “Bad Bunny” is well-known on social media platforms. The singer goes by the handle @badgaab on Instagram.

Gabriela Berlingeri Net Worth

Gabriela is a tall woman who has a slender physique. The specifics of her physical measurements, on the other hand, remain unknown.

She is just getting started in the music business in Puerto Rico. She will most likely improve her wealth to $6 million in the coming weeks.

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Gabriela Berlingeri About

Gabriela Berlingeri is a model who is most recognized for her gabrielaberlingeri Instagram account, where she shares fashion and lifestyle content. She has more than 1.5 million followers on the application.

Gabriela Berlingeri Before Fame

She launched her Instagram page in September 2018.

Gabriela Berlingeri Trivia

In April 2020, Bad Bunny featured her in his song “En Casita,” which speaks about avoiding public places during the COVID-19 epidemic. She was on the front of Rolling Stone magazine’s June 2020 issue, which included Bad Bunny.

Gabriela Berlingeri Family Life

In 2017, she encountered Bad Bunny at a concert with Zion & Lennox in Puerto Rico and they began dating soon after.

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Gabriela Berlingeri Associated With

She worked on Bad Bunny’s 2018 song with Jennifer Lopez, titled “Te Gusté.”


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