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Who Is Gilberto Nunez Wife: Tom Kolman Murder Explored

On the episode of “Dateline” that aired on January 30, 2017, Gilberto Nunez is interviewed as a possible suspect in the murder of Tom Kolman, who was allegedly involved in a love triangle with him and his wife. During November 2011, NBC’s ‘Dateline’ aired a feature about Tom Kolman’s inexplicable demise.

The circumstances surrounding Thomas’ death have remained a mystery to this day, not only because his apparent assassin, Gilberto Nunez, was acquitted but also because of the events that took place before his death. The love triangle, set-ups, and conversations were all odd, yet there was Tom’s best buddy Gilberto in the middle of it all. Who Is Gilberto Nunez Wife: Tom Kolman Murder Explored.

Who Is Gilberto Nunez Wife?

Despite his divorce, Gilberto Nunez was a devoted parent like Tom and his wife, Linda Kolman. Gilberto is married to Yameil presently, however very little information is known about Gilberto’s spouse. At their children’s school, he met the pair for the first time and formed an unshakable friendship with them. Tom wasn’t a sociable person, so he liked to spend his time with family.

Despite their good relationship and optimism, Linda and Gilberto began an affair. It lasted almost a year, including lots of texting, phone conversations, and letters. Tom and Linda were still married; she was still seeing Gilberto; and Tom and Gilberto were growing closer than they had ever been. A letter from Gilberto claiming to be a CIA agent stated that Tom was having an affair as well.

When the police were investigating Tom’s death, which was caused by a dental sedative known as midazolam present in his system, they came to the same conclusion. It took the cops four years to gather all of the evidence and make the arrest, but Gilberto was finally charged with second-degree murder in 2015.

Gilberto Nunez Affair With Linda Kolman & Tom Kolman Murder

Gilberto Nunez and Linda Koman’s relationship is still considered to be the primary reason for Tom Kolman’s death, despite his attempts to divert the investigation. Despite Gilberto’s attempt to direct attention away from himself, he was charged with murder. Nunez was subsequently detained for murder after Tom died.

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Where Is Gilberto Nunez Today In 2022?

Gilberto Nunez was acquitted of the murder of Tom Kolman following a trial. Gilberto, on the other hand, was convicted of two counts of possession of a forged instrument, one for the fraudulent CIA ID and one for the fraudulent letter he claimed to have received from the Agency.

In addition, in July 2015, Gilberto was charged with perjury for claiming to have a license to carry a firearm. According to state records, Gilberto will be on parole until October 2, 2023. He is unable to resume his former dental practice because of his status as at large.

His attorney, upon his conviction, fought for but failed to obtain a certificate allowing him to get his license back after he was released. As a result, he has kept a low profile in his personal life. Gilberto had married Yameil, an estate agent, after their divorce. They appear to still be together and living in New York by that time.

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