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Giuseppa Ciurleo Biodata, Net Worth, Key Points

Giuseppa Ciurleo is a popular reality show star who is best known for the show, ‘La Villa des cœurs brisés’. In 2021, she joins the Rest of the World squad.

Key Points

  • Giuseppa Ciurleo is a reality show star who is known for her stylish fashion and unique take on everyday life.
  • She is often seen in public sporting trendy outfits that show off her bold style.
  • Giuseppa also has a strong presence on social media, where she shares her latest looks with her fans from all over the world.
  • Her Instagram profile showcases an array of images ranging from selfies to OOTD’s, giving fans a glimpse into her life.
  • Giuseppa Ciurleo is inspiring many people to stay true to their own style and be brave when it comes to fashion.
  • She encourages followers to stay creative and experiment with different looks that make them feel confident and comfortable.

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Giuseppa Ciurleo Dating

Giuseppa Ciurleo was dating either Simon Castaldi or Illan Castaldi. She is with Paga right now.


Giuseppa Ciurleo Net Worth

Giuseppa Ciurleo began working at the Villa des Coeurs Brisés, however she was immediately let go from filming, in 2020.

Her net worth is $2 million, as of 2022.

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