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Who Is Gregory Kelleher, Emma Hernan Ex?

Gregory Kelleher is Emma Hernan’s ex-boyfriend. In a now-deleted photo posted to Emma Hernan’s mother’s Instagram account, the two were spotted kissing by the sea. It makes sense that Emma would have gotten engaged to her ex more than five years ago, given that it was shared back in 2014. There was no evidence of a relationship between Gregory and Christine Quinn. However, according to Christine, the two were a couple. Furthermore, Emma stated that she was aware that Gregory and Christine were together.

Last time we saw Christine and Emma, they were fighting about their “mutual” ex. However, it’s also possible that Christen’s ex “Gregory” was a different person altogether. While Emma still hunted for the one guy who would father her children, Christine married Christian Richard, a multi-millionaire education entrepreneur. Who Is Gregory Kelleher, Emma Hernan Ex?

Does Gregory Kelleher Have A Wife Now?

Yes, Gregory Kelleher is married to Cara Beneduce. On August 20, 2021, he married Cara in Newport with their family and friends present. Cara is a Warwick, Rhode Island native who attended East Carolina University. She was initiated into the Tri Sigma sorority in September 2013 and has remained an active member ever since.


They loved camping and spent a lot of time outside. It wasn’t just them who appreciated the excursions. They also had a god who frequently tagged along on their adventures. According to The Independent, the pair also cherished a cat called Tilly, who vanished in October 2020 in Warwick.

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Gregory Kelleher Age

According to reports, Gregory Kelleher was born before 1988. He could not have been any younger than 33 years old in 2021, therefore he would have been at least that old in 2021. His wife, Cara, turned 26 on September 13, 2021.

Gregory Kelleher Career

Gregory Kelleher is a general contractor by trade. GK Construction LLC, which he founded in Maryland, was a construction firm. According to the business, it was established on the principle of producing high-quality items and providing dependable service. Gregory began his career as an assistant superintendent at NEI General Contracting. He also worked at Liberty Construction Services before starting his own company.

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