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Holy Spirit Activate Tiktok Song Lyrics

New sounds pop up on TikTok every day, and they can come from just about anything. The most popular songs are those that chart, advertisements, children’s programming, movie quotations, theme songs, and video games.

There’s almost certainly a TikTok sound in there somewhere. ‘Holy Spirit Activate’ is the most recent song to dominate everyone’s For You Page , but where did it come from? Let’s have a look.

Holy Spirit activate’ sing eerges on TikTok

A new sound has emerged on TikTok called ‘Holy Spirit Activate’ this month. “Holy Spirit activate” is the refrain of the strangely catchy song, which repeats the words “Holy Spirit activate” over and over again in a strange melody. It’s part of TikTok’s newest viral craze, in which people make hilarious cartoons about summoning the Holy Spirit.

For example, when taking an exam or going for an interview, TikTok users are joking they will activate the Holy Spirit for good luck.

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Where does it come from?

The song was written as a result of a recent episode of the American game show Celebrity Family Feud. Wilson Phillips’ members turned into one of the show’s most entertaining moments in September, when they appeared on it. Chynna Phillips went to religion and began invoking the Holy Spirit to assist her think of good responses when it was her turn to play Family Feud.

She began dancing and composing her own “Holy Spirit activates” song, which has since been viewed millions of times on TikTok. The chant also seemed to work, as the team was able to earn $25,000 for a good cause.

Steve Harvey Found it Hilarious

Host Steve Harvey was shocked by what he was seeing. “11 years, this has never happened before,” he remarked in amazement. He then joined in with the cry and began dancing about once he had recovered from his surprise.

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