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How To Grow Sunflower In House Pot?

Sunflowers are easy to grow from seeds because they adapt well with high temperature or heat loving plants. Here are the simple steps for planting sunflower seeds indoors : Sunflower has big root ball that is why it not advisable to transfer them using pot with other plants.

It is better to grow them using bigger root ball pots. Sunflower plants need lots of sunlight for its photosynthesis process, therefore it is ideal to place them outdoor in summer season for enough supply of sunlight, warmth and humidity condition, during fall or winter season they can be grown inside your house so you can have the best sunflowers indoors.

The size of the pot also matters because bigger pots can produce healthier flowers compared to smaller pots. How To Grow Sunflower In House Pot?

Tips On How To Plant Sunflower Seeds Indoors

  • Preparation – Proper soil mixing should be considered in planting any kind of seeds in order to provide necessary nutrients needed by the growing plants.
  • Mixing peat moss, manure/compost are commonly used materials in soil preparation when growing plants in pots to provide optimum air and water retention needed for plant root growth.
  • Planting – scatter your sunflower seeds evenly up to the soil surface, cover it lightly with soil mixture.
  • Water them regularly until you see seedlings at least 2 inches high to help keep the soil moist, water as often as needed especially during hot summer days.
  • Harvesting – Sunflowers can produce flowers after 3-6 months of planting depending on type and variety of seeds used and if they’re already established enough given the right environment/climate where they are planted like warmth and moisture which can be found indoor or outdoor.
  • You’ll know if its ready when you see blooms emerging from the center; wait for 5-7 cm (2-3 inches) of stalk to develop.

When Do Sunflowers Bloom?

Sunflowers can be harvested anytime after they bloom. When you harvest sunflower, remove the entire head of the flower by snapping it off at its base.

This will let more energy go to developing other flowers on the plant.

How Long Do Sunflowers Last?

Sunflowers can last up to one week or even weeks without wilting if stored properly like in cold temperature and away from sunlight that may cause it to wilt faster.

Caring Tips For Sunflowers

Sunflowers respond well to organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion and seaweed extract. A recommended fertilizer would be a 10-10-10 or 12-12-12 formula at 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water.


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How Long Do Sunflowers Live?

Sunflowers typically live for one season, but if grown from seeds they will return the next year and so on. Sunflowers are cold hardy, so you don’t have to worry about them being killed by frost or freezing temperatures.

What Is Better Direct Sunlight Or Partial Sunlight For Growing Sunflower Pant Indoors

Preferred light conditions for optimal growth of your garden plants are 6 hours of direct light daily in a well lighted area of your home.

Sunflower is easy to grow from seeds because they adapt well with high temperature or heat loving plants. And here are some tips on how to plant sunflowers indoors.

There are lots of varieties of Sunflower seed , find the best one that will fit for you and your budget, great deals can be found online through various sites selling gardening supplies. So go ahead and start growing sunflowers at home!

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