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Iain Armitage: Plays Young Sheldon

Iain Armitage first gained prominence via his YouTube series Iain Loves Theatre and is widely known for his roles as Sheldon Cooper in ‘Young Sheldon’.

He was born to actor Euan Morton and theatre producer Lee Armitage Georgia and lives in Virginia when not filming. He also starred in J.K. Simmons’ indie film I’m Not Here and Lionsgate’s The Glass Castle.

He made his acting debut playing the role of “Ziggy Chapman” and also appeared in Impractical Jokers “Look Out Below”. He voiced Chase in PAW Patrol: The Movie, in 2021.

Reunion sparks speculation

Iain Armitage, who plays Young Sheldon excites fans with a recent Instagram post including Danielle Pinnock, who played Mrs Ingram, Medford High School’s maths teacher.

iain-armitage (2)

As Young Sheldon Season 7 filming begins, Armitage and Pinnock’s reunion raises questions about cherished characters’ return, bringing intrigue to the Coopers’ Texas saga’s last chapter. He wrote,

“Back at work! After such a long time away, it was exciting to start work yesterday on Season 7! It’s our final season and everyone feels this mix of emotions. We are excited to be reunited, proud and grateful of the work we’ve gotten to do, and full of awareness that these sweet times will end. Right now, though, there is work to do!”

His Instagram image of a meeting with Danielle Pinnock prompts suspicion that Mrs. Ingram will return in Young Sheldon Season 7.

How Iain Armitage began his acting journey?

Iain Armitage quickly got into the performing arts. When he was in primary school, Armitage started his own YouTube channel, IanLovesTheatre where he appraised theatre. The HBO 2017 miniseries “Big Little Lies” marked Armitage’s acting debut after a talent representative saw him from this long-running work.

Iain Armitage speaks out after show cancellation

Lead actor Iain Armitage has responded to the cancellation of Young Sheldon and wrote,

“In case you wondered, I love my family. There’s about 200 more people who make @youngsheldoncbs happen and I’m grateful for each of them. We will make the best 7th season we can possibly make – and behind the scenes there will be lots of laughter and lots of tears because I love all of these people so much. I am beyond grateful to all the Young Sheldon viewers and fans who made us #1.

iain-armitage (3)

So, while I’ll miss the day-to-day business of making Young Sheldon, I celebrate seven wonderful years of laughter and love. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it.”

How old is Iain Armitage?

Iain Armitage age is 15 years old, as of now. He was born on July 15, 2008 in Georgia.

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