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Who Is India Royale’s Baby Father?

India Royale, a social media influencer, is getting married. She engaged to her second baby father and now-fiance Lil Durk in 2021. The pair began dating in 2017. However, there are a few things you should be aware of about her previous relationship and baby father. This article goes into greater depth on all of that. Continue reading to learn more about her ex-father. Who Is India Royale’s Baby Father?

Who Is India Royale Baby Father?

India Royale, a social media influencer, has not disclosed much about her first baby’s father. He is still a mystery to many of her fans and other concerned people today. On social media, barely any information was revealed. As a result, her devoted followers searched far and wide for her missing child daddy in hopes of learning more about him.

However, some internet sleuths offered answers on Reddit with a photograph of a man who they claimed was the father of India’s first kid. However, when another Redditor had a different view, there was utter perplexity. Below are additional details about them.

India Royale First Baby Daddy

There have been two different people in the discussion when it comes to India Royale’s baby father. A Redditor posted a photograph of a guy and claimed that the influencer’s baby father had passed away. Fans had written messages of sympathy for the person depicted in the photo on Reddit.

However, it was uncertain what caused his death and when he died. Another Redditor, on the other hand, claimed that the person in the photo was someone India dated previously. According to them, the individual in question couldn’t have been her first baby father.


According to the Redditor, India’s first baby father was imprisoned in a prison as of 2021. There was no further narrative after that. As a result, many aspects about India’s kid father are unclear, including their names.

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How Many Kids Does India Royale Have?

India Royale is a mother of two. Her eldest daughter, Skylar, was conceived in a previous relationship. Willow, her second child, was born in 2017 and had her with her now-fiance Lil Durk.

For India, her two daughters are everything. The twin sisters have an Instagram account with 271k followers named (theroyalegirls). They also have a YouTube channel with 2.48k subscribers. Rumors of India’s third pregnancy began circulating in early 2020, catching the attention of her fans. She dismissed the notion and clarified that she was only kidding about the prospect of having a third kid.

India Royale’s Relationship Status

India Royale got engaged to her second baby father Lil Durk in December 2021. The two-time Grammy nominee got down on one knee and proposed to India, his pregnant wife, onstage the United Center in their Chicago home on Saturday night before a crowd of thousands of his followers.

The rapper shared the moment of his proposal on Instagram, claiming, “I’m dropping triple. Several prominent musicians, including MikeWillMadeIt, DC Young Fly, Chance The Rapper, Lil Yachty, and Morgan Wallen among others congratulated the engaged couple.

However, in May 2021 when Lil Durk wrote “The streets got her chino; it’s over, dog,” the adultery allegation by India on Lil Durk began to spread on the internet. The message was followed by two more tweets: “I never cared before,” and “It’s okay to chase someone who yes ok.” Fans thought that these remarks were aimed at India and that she had cheated on him.

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