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Irina Gladkaya Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Height & more

Despite her worldwide fame as an arm wrestler, Irina Gladkaya has not been documented on Wikipedia. Irina Gladkaya is a well-known Russian arm wrestler who has won 13 world championships. He is regarded by the entire globe as a black diamond and is a 13-time arm wrestling world champion.

She’s a stunning Russian arm wrestler with a legendary strength that might deter the most powerful person from competing against her. Gladkaya was recently seen in Miami Beach, arm-wrestling several men who were considerably larger than she was, and everyone knew they’d be treated to a show. Irina is one of the most well-known arm wrestlers in the world, having been seen on Miami Beach defeating men over 35 million times on YouTube.

Irina Gladkaya Wiki, Bio

Irina Gladkaya is a 13-time world arm wrestling champion who has dominated the scene for years. Irina began her career as an arm wrestler in high school, when she impressed her physical education teacher with her athletic talents during school events.

Irina went on to compete in the World Championship in Slovakia later that year and win, after which she trained with coach Arthur Aghajanyan. Irina’s technical skills rapidly improved, and four months later she won the World Championship in Slovakia. She has been a European champion several times since then, and she was one of the 2016 Arnold Classic Brazil’s winners.

She works as a lawyer and serves as an arm wrestling authority. She graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering and Moscow State Law Academy with her degrees in Economics and Law.

Irina Gladkaya Age, Height

Irina Gladkaya’s age is 37/38 years old. On the 4th of November each year, she celebrates her birthday, even though the exact date of her birth has not been revealed yet.

She is also known to begin arm wrestling at the age of 15 in 1999, so at the given age, she is thought to be born in 1984/85. Regarding her height details, she stands 5 ft. 6 inches tall. To be precise, she stands at 167.64 cm tall and weighs 166 lbs.

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Irina Gladkaya Boyfriend And Net Worth

Irina Gladkaya has never spoken about her partner. Irina has successfully kept her relationship information private as the press has yet to identify the individual she’s been seeing.

She is still unmarried, as of now. Irina’s net worth has not been determined yet, although she is a legend in the arm wrestling industry and a successful lawyer. He also coaches.

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