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Is JoCat Leaving YouTube? “I Like Girls” Controversy Explored

JoCat is an American animator, illustrator, musician and YouTuber who is best known for his comedic guides on video and tabletop games. He gained popularity on YouTube with his series “Crap Guide” which is his most popular and longest running series. Crap Guide is a sarcastic comedic guide to character classes, races, and general gameplay mechanics.

Through his entertaining and informative videos, JoCat has managed to make even the most complex gaming concepts accessible and enjoyable for both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike. JoCrap, a warrior with a wiggler for a head is the main character.

JoCat “I Like Girls” Controversy

JoCat’s “I Like Girls” Harassment and Doxxing Controversy describes a go-viral discussion around a 30-second animated video that YouTuber JoCat made in 2021 with a gender-bending parody of Lizzo’s song “Boys” called “I Like Girls.” Late in 2023, there was discussion on the animation and many people on Twitter and in Generation X found the video offensive.

JoCat (2)

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He was then ridiculed by many who also reported harassed him offline and on social media. JoCat announced a “indefinite break” from content creation in December 2023 because of the posts claiming attempted doxxing and abuse brought on by the memes and viral conversations.

JoCat posted an animation to YouTube that animated his “Boys” cover titled “I Like Girls”, on April 02, 2021 and the video amassed over 11 million views and 567,000 likes.

On December 13th, 2023, X user @ZeroSuitCamus tweeted the video, writing, “Just made this video. Let me know what you think!” surpassed over 6 million views and 6,900 likes in one day. The tweet inspired another slew of posts mostly levied against JoCat, additionally inspiring a community note that corrected @ZeroSuitCamus’ satirical claim.

JoCat’s “Indefinite Break” Announcement

JoCat tweeted on December 18, 2023, announcing his “indefinite break from making content” and said, “If this is what it takes to be a content creator online, I don’t think I’m cut out for it.” The tweet quickly gained over 25,000 likes and over 6.7 million views in less than a day.

JoCat (3)

JoCat updated the aforementioned thread with two posts on December 19th, stating that the hate crimes and harassment that he and his family experienced were not related to @ZeroSuitCamus and that they had occurred long before her post.

People Reaction on JoCat’s Announcement

Many people responded to @ZeroSuitCamus’ tweet. One such user was X user @ZombHarris, who on December 19, 2023, criticized the apology.

JoCat (1)

On December 19, another X user, @theangeleverly, sent a supportive response to @ZeroSuitCamus. The post said, “ur literally fine the joke wasn’t even bashing him or his content it was implying u made content that u didn’t,” and it received over 500 likes in a matter of hours.

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