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Is Trevor Noah Gay? Dating History and Career

Trevor Noah is a very well-known comedian and television host who has gotten people from all over the world very interested in him with his clever jokes, pleasant personality and intelligent observations. Since he is such a big deal in showbiz, many people have started wondering about his sexual orientation.

Trevor Noah views on LGBTQ+ rights

Trevor Noah is a person who strongly supports the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. He has consistently shown his support for them throughout his career, and this has gained him a lot of respect and admiration from fans all over the world. People appreciate his open-mindedness and empathetic attitude towards the community.

Trevor Noah Bio and Career

Trevor Noah was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on February 20, 1984. His parents are Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah and Robert Noah. Trevor comes from a culturally diverse family. His mother, Patricia, is Xhosa and has deep connections to the country, while his paternal grandfather is of Swiss-German descent and moved from Switzerland to South Africa. He attended Maryvale College in Maryvale, Gauteng.

Trevor Noah started his professional career in 2002 and has become well-known for his work in comedy and movies. He has appeared in several films, including “You Laugh, But It’s True,” “Taka Takata,” “Mad Buddies,” and even the popular movie “Black Panther.” In addition to movies, Trevor Noah has also used television as a platform to showcase his talents. He has been a part of shows like “Isidingo” and “Tonight with Trevor Noah,” as well as performing stand-up comedy specials like “Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia.”

Is Trevor Noah Gay?

On July 1, 2013, Trevor started a discussion by saying that the gay pride march in New York was crazy and full of foolishness. He mentioned being happy that he “emerged,” but when people asked him what he meant by that, he didn’t respond. As of 2024, Trevor Noah has not publicly shared his sexual orientation but he has dated many girls. He prefers to maintain privacy when it comes to his personal life.

He was in a relationship with South African physiotherapist Dani Gabriel. After their breakup, he then dated Jordyn Taylor. But in August 2020, Trevor started dating actress Minka Kelly. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in May 2021. However, just a few weeks later, Trevor and Minka were seen together on a vacation, sparking rumors of a possible reconciliation. And it seems those rumors were true because in January 2022, it was confirmed by the media and fans that they had indeed gotten back together. In fact, Minka even traveled to South Africa with Trevor at some point during their renewed romance.

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In late September 2022, reports started to circulate, mainly from The Daily Mail, claiming that Trevor and Dua Lipa were spotted sharing a passionate kiss. The media stated that the couple had a romantic dinner in New York City and were later seen walking together. However, both Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa have denied these rumors and firmly stated that there is no truth to the allegations of a romantic relationship between them.

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