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What Happened To Janelle Kelly: Missing Sacramento Teen

Janelle Kelly, a 16-year-old from Sacramento, is missing and probably fictitious. Continue reading to learn more about the missing teenager. Janelle Kelly was a comedy skit on The Onion’s popular comedic show Today Now. Two best friends of the supposedly missing teen appear on the program for an interview.

While her two closest friends begin their show sobbing over the disappearance of one of their closest pals, the program goes off track into school and community gossip. Let’s learn more about Janelle Kelly, including how old she is and who her parents are.

Sacramento: Janelle Kelly Missing Update 2022

Janelle Kelly, a missing Sacramento girl, has not been found as of 2022. However, she did not go missing in the first place so that she may be discovered later. The Janelle Kelly missing was included in Today Now, a comedic program on The Onion network.

According to the show’s premise, Janelle’s two closest friends, Megan Cleary and Katie Clements (who were supposedly seeking for their missing friend), will appear on TV pleading for public assistance to find their lost pal.

Megan and Katie are seen sobbing in memory of their friend during the start of the episode, but things take a surprising turn when they begin talking about a schoolmate who is suspected to be pregnant because she has begun wearing cardigans.

Megan recalls receiving a phone call from Kelly while she was watching television. When Megan forgot to tell other search parties or the police about it, Kelly said that she had been picked up by a guy in Salina.

What Was Janelle Kelly Age?

As of 2022, 28-year-old Nadine Chadwick is considered the oldest. When the program premiered on May 17, 2011, she was purported to be 17 years old. Her actual birth date or zodiac sign are yet unknown on the internet.

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Who Are Janelle Kelly Parents?

Janelle Kelly’s parents were not together when she vanished. When Janelle vanished, her father was living with his girlfriend and daughter, as the two girls said. However, the show’s presenter was able to contact Janelle’s mother and appear on the program the day before.

They didn’t say anything more about Janelle’s mother. Megan and Katie began discussing Janelle’s father’s girlfriend, who was five years older than him, while they were gossiping.

Who Is Janelle Kelly Suspect?

According to the show’s pop-up screen, the suspect is an older guy who used to buy alcohol for the three girls. According to the show’s pop-up screen, the suspect is a pretty elderly gentleman.

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