Marilou Johnson: Marilou Johnson’s Cause of Death


Marilou Johnson, a mother of three, vanished without a trace in June 2007. When a missing person report was filed, the investigation began. Within hours, an lead came in, and the murderer was arrested within days.

The body of Marilou Johnson, a Filipina who resided in the United States, was discovered in July 2017. Following the death of her spouse, Marilou’s mother began seeing Roger Blanchard, a retired business executive.

The family relocated to Washington Township, Michigan, not long after. However, when Marilou couldn’t be reached for several days, the family became concerned. Finally on June 15th, 2007, Roger informed authorities that Marilou had gone missing sometime after midnight that day.

When the vanished report came in, it was more than half a day since Marilou had last been seen. Based on the information, the authorities concentrated their search in the Cass Lake region of Washington Township.

On June 25, 2007, Marilou’s handbag and belongings were discovered in the water, and her body was recovered the following day. She was wrapped in a blanket and cradled by concrete blocks. She’d been stabbed six times in her chest. Marilou Johnson: Marilou Johnson’s Cause of Death.

Who Killed Marilou Johnson?

When the investigation started, detectives suspected it might be her beau. The investigators went through the family’s history because it was strange. However, their relationship was excellent. There was nothing suspicious about their connection. Roger’s drinking problem, on the other hand, was discovered sooner rather than later by the cops.

In June 2006, Roger requested a personal protection order against Marilou, but it was refused. After she moved away for a short time, he called her sons back home. When a friend of Marilou’s tipped the cops, the case took a turn.

On June 16, 2007, Tonya Disano turned in David Wright, a local self-employed plumber, to the cops. She alleged that he was acting strangely. He had a criminal record. Following a second investigation, authorities discovered $50,000 on Roger’s property, which he had given to him.

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What has happened?

David informed the cops that he intended to keep Marilou hostage. He said he was brandishing a fishing knife after they stumbled over something in the trailer and fell. He stabbed her on purpose.

Authorities, on the other hand, did not believe him since he had no idea how six stab wounds got onto her body. David dug up Marilou’s body, wrapped it in a blanket, and tied it with a chord before throwing it into the lake. To avoid an unwanted corpse dog, David buried a dead possum in Marilou’s grave.

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